Preventing Sleep Problems: Good Sleep Habits

Do you feel exhausted and still cannot fall asleep? Then you are certainly not alone.  In the USA alone, around 30-40 percent of people suffer from sleep problems and insomnia every year.  So, for everyone who spends countless nights counting sheep and the ones who is still doing so; we have listed a few ways which will help you to get a sound sleep.


Establish a regular bedtime routine.

Search for some activities which will help you get some good sleep. Also, you can plan and stick to a proper and well defines sleep schedule to deal with sleep problems.


Don’t smoke.

Smoking usually leads to delayed sleep. So, if you wish to deal with your sleep problems effectively, then you must quit your smoking habit.


Talk to your doctor.

Your doctor can help rule out your sleep problems, identify lifestyle factors or prescribe you with medications for dealing with them.


Make exercise a habit.

Studies find that moderate aerobic activity can help you n dealing with your sleep problems. Also, for the good results, you need to exercise at least three hours before bedtime. By doing this, your body will get enough time to calm down and have a calm sleep.


Do not overthink before sleeping.

You may take out some 15 minutes in the daytime for addressing problems in your mind.  But you must avoid doing it before sleeping.  By doing this you can closer to get a peaceful sleep.


Visit a therapist.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a much common technique to deal with sleep problems. It involves self-monitoring, mental strategies and creating an environment that helps you to fall asleep.


Avoid or limit caffeine.

It’s tempting to have a cup of coffee after a tiring day, but it can kill your sleep.  So, try to limit or avoid caffeine intake for dealing with sleep problems.


Eat well for good sleep.

Stress on eating foods which are high in magnesium. You may have almonds, cashews, and spinach, or foods which are high in vitamin B complex, like leafy green vegetables, nuts, and legumes. This will help you in getting you in solving sleep problems.


Go for some relaxation techniques.

In one study, people who practiced meditation saw improvements in total sleep time and sleep quality. Other relaxation strategies—like yoga, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation—are also effective tools for promoting good sleep.


Choose dim lights.

According to one study, exposure to bright electrical lights may negatively affect our chances of getting good quality sleep. So, consider using dim lights, soothing beddings, and calming essences for triggering a nice and sound sleep.


Avoid alcohol before bed.

Alcohol might seem obvious for calming down. However, it can disrupt the sleep cycles in the night. You don’t have to give up on alcohol completely, but only need to change the time and have a drink at around 6 o’clock.


Minimize disturbing noises.

If the external noises are out of your control, then you can regulate them by the sound of your bedside fan, a noise machine, or some pleasant music which might help you in solving your sleep problems.


Get rid of your stress.  

The night is the time when stress and problems come crawling to you, and cause sleep problems. To get rid of them, you can choose to scribble it down in your diary or journal beforehand. This will make your head as plain as a clean slate and help you fall asleep.


Brew some soothing chamomile tea.

Studies find that chamomile tea can reduce anxieties and get us into a better head space for sleep.


Take a hot bath or shower.

Taking a hot water bath can result in balancing temperatures, soothing your mind, body and triggering a good sleep.


Sip some hot milk.

Drinking warm milk before sleep is a grandma’s trick!  It makes you feel full and drowsy leading to a good sleep.


Choose the right mattress.

Uncomfortable bedding is directly linked to poor sleep and a comfortable mattress can increase the chances of a satisfying sleep. You can either choose a comforting Casper mattress for dealing with your sleep problems.


Choose the right pillow to get rid of sleep problems.

Choosing a right pillow for a good sleep is as important as anything else. You must choose the one which ensures the right posture, supports your alignment and is right for your sleeping position.


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