Effects Of Your Sleeping Habits On Your Mental Health

People often tend to ignore the problem of good sleep; particularly in today’s fast-paced society. Sleep deprivation can also cause havoc on a person’s mental state which we simply should not ignore.

Knowing how sleep affects your memory and stress levels may help you in improving your mental state and your sleep quality. Here’s how sleep is directly connected to your mental health!


Sleep deprivation can derail memory formation.

Sleep is essential for the efficient functioning of the central nervous system. The lack of sleep keeps negative impacts on both; your long-term and short-term memory. According to some researches, the nerve connections which create memories are strengthened when a person is asleep. Sleep deprivation can also lead to forgetfulness and trouble in learning new things.


Lack of sleep makes you emotionally distressed.

According to a study by the University of California, the brain’s emotional center is up to 60% more active in people who are sleep deprived people as compared to those who sleep well.

The Neurochemistry studies show that the quality of sleep helps people to develop emotional resilience.

However, Chronic sleep problems engender negative thought patterns and result in an emotional vulnerability. Thus, people who are sleep-deprived tend to be more depressed, angry, and unable to cope with stress. Chronic sleep deprivation can also result in hallucinations and trigger mania in people with bipolar disorder. Furthermore, sleep deprivation results in slow reaction time, slanted thinking, and impaired judgment. This means that lack of sleep gives rise to increased production of the stress hormone cortisol, which makes you even more stressed out and likely or even obsess

Moreover, people with sleep-deprivation are less likely to eat a healthy diet, exercise, or take part in leisure activities.


Poor sleeping habits may affect your mental state.

Poor sleeping habits like falling asleep while watching television, sleeping in bright light, sleeping in unhygienic conditions, or sleeping with stress can affect both the quality and quantity of your sleep. According to research, exposure to bright light during sleeping is associated with an increase in suicidal thoughts and symptoms of depression.


Irregular sleep schedules can harm your mental health.

Beyond just the lack of sleep, irregular sleep is also harmful to a person’s mental health. This is because sleeping helps in developing emotional resilience. However, sleep disruptions due to irregular sleep patterns may increase the likelihood of a disturbed mental state.

People who go through depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorders are vulnerable to this problem.


A clearer mind can give you a better sleep.

There are a number of ways to make your mind clearer.  You can maintain a healthy diet, try to de-stress by reading, writing, or sharing your thoughts. Moreover, you can also consult a psychologist or your doctor to get some help.

This will help you in keeping your mind clear from all the worry and sleep in peace.


A consistent sleep routine will make you sleep better.

Sticking to a regular sleep schedule helps you in synchronizing your body clock and prepares you for sleep every night. To establish a regular routine for better sleep, make sure that you wake up early at the same time every morning.

You can set an alarm and get out of bed as soon as it rings. If you are unable to sleep at night, then you can indulge in some activities like reading, music or even seek help from a doctor.


An up-to-date sleeping environment is work wonders.

Too much light and brightness can wrack your sleep and body’s circadian rhythm. You can avoid this by keeping your bedroom dark and free of gadgets. Avoid checking the smartphone and tablet before bedtime as the light increases drowsiness and reduces the quality of sleep.

Also, you need to consider using premium quality bedding to give you enough comfort and plush support.


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