Ultimate Sleep Tips for Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, there is no doubt that you’ll stand a chance to enjoy numerous health benefits. According to reports, a substantial 74% of United States population catches ZZZs while sleeping in that particular side position. Yeah. You’ll enjoy the unexpected “side benefits.”

Have you heard that sleeping by the side helps to reduce pressure on your stomach as well as the digestive tract? Are you aware that side sleeping also helps to improve circulation as well as toxin drainage from the body?

While there are a wide variety of general sleep tips for anyone interested in quality sleep, we’ve been able to gather a few tips to help you snooze more soundly while you sleep by the side. Sit back and let’s enjoy it together:


Sleep With an Extra Pillow between Your Legs and Knees

The most prominent ailment for side sleepers is pain, especially at the pressure points of the body. This is due to the fact that sleeping on your side doesn’t provide sufficient support for your both your back and leg.

In order to combat the negative impact of side sleeping, you can make use of a softer pillow between your knees. This will significantly help in aligning your spine while also reducing pressure on both your legs and hips. Eventually, the chances of experiencing lower back pain or joint soreness will be significantly reduced whenever you are awake in the morning.


Shop for a Firmer, More Supportive Pillow for Your Neck and Head

While sleeping on your side has a plethora of benefits, you can as well put additional pressure on your head and neck with this sleep position. If you sleep on your side, ensure that you have a firmer pillow that will help to lift your head, while naturally aligning your neck and back. The dawn or down alternative should be avoided as they are usually softer than other materials. And yes, they may lack the loft you need.

For side sleepers, the ideal pillow to purchase are the ones designed and constructed with superior contouring. For instance, the Latex foam pillows. They are particularly a good choice that is perfect for you. They are also combined with a high level of responsiveness coupled with natural contouring to offer you plenty of support.


Sleep On Your Left Side Often

Whenever you want to sleep, there is a great need to be mindful of your anatomy. This is due to the fact that your preferred side has a significant impact on the amount of pressure placed on your internal organs. Instead of your right side, sleeping on your left side can help you reduce the pressure on your stomach as well as the digestive tract.

Apart from that, it also helps to promote the flow of blood through the body. Sleeping on your left side could help alleviate heartburn and acid reflux while also boosting digestion throughout the night. Probably, you can alternate sleep positions all through your entire sleep cycle. But, ensure that you take off with sleeping on your left side as you snuggle in bed.


Opt For the right Firmness Level and Materials in your Mattress

Ideally, the level of firmness of your mattress is determined by your weight, height, and unique sleep requirements. However, your sleep position has the highest impact of all. For side sleepers who have an average weight and height, you are advised to opt for a soft to medium firmness level mattress. This is due to the fact that soft to firmness level mattress delivers that ever substantial, targeted pressure to help alleviate pains at both the hips and shoulder.

If you are a side sleeper with height and weight above average, or you’ve been battling with chronic pains, finding the perfect solution might turn out becoming a bit difficult and complicated. All in all, a soft mattress might not be ideal to provide the proper spinal alignment for people in either of the two categories. A perfect recommendation of people in this category is either a zoned mattress or a latex mattress.


There you have it! Perhaps a few sleeping tips for side sleepers. However, if you are unsure of which mattress is perfect for you, even after you have carefully looked into the earlier discussed options, do not hesitate to visit our mattress store for guidance. Our sleep specialists are available to discuss your options and determine a perfect mattress for yo!

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