Tips on Choosing the Right Mattress for The Perfect Sleep

We live in a world where sleep is luxury and work is everything. Even during those 5-6 hours of bare minimum sleep, you end up tossing around the mattress half of the night in an effort to fall asleep. Apart from the stress of your life and various other pressures, there is another reason why you can’t get yourself to sleep at night. It is your mattress that has to be perfect to make you fall asleep instantly. 


You often do not put a lot of thought into buying the perfect mattress. Rather you go either for the one within your budget or the fluffiest one in the store. It is vital to pick a good mattress as it can drastically improve your sleeping routine. A good mattress can help you land that perfect sleep where your body and mind are well-rested and you feel energized when you wake up. It will be beneficial to invest some time and money into choosing the perfect mattress for a perfect sleep. 


How do you know which one’s for you?

It is important to first understand what you need from your mattress. At this point, you might want to ask yourself whether you have severe chronic pains in the back, shoulder, or neck. Whether there’s a blood circulation problem that you face at night or allergies towards latex, foam or cotton? Once you have the answers to these questions it’ll be easier for you to mattress hunting. 


Soft or Hard?

It is a popular belief that hard mattresses are good for your back which is true but greatly depends on your sleeping posture as well. If you do not have it right it can cause severe discomfort and excessive pain on certain parts of the body. Therefore it is safe to say that comfort and feel are the main criteria when buying a mattress. While testing your comfort and feel, feel free to fire questions at the salesperson regarding the specific supports the mattress can offer. 


Posture is Key

Posture is the most crucial aspect to consider while buying a new mattress because every sleeping posture requires a different level of firmness. In case your dominant posture is sleeping on your back, then you might require a 4-7 firmness that can maintain your natural spine alignment, which is usually a Memory Form and Latex. In case you are a side sleeper, then you might require a soft mattress that caters to your adjustment. Lastly, if you are one of those who like to sleep on their stomach, a firmness of 5-7 is required and this style is highly discouraged for health reasons. The aim is to obtain a relaxed and comfortable position that can put you off to a good night’s sleep and the right mattress will deliver that to you! 


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