This Is Why Electronics Don’t Belong in Your Bedroom

Over the years, technology specifically electronics have seemed to dominate all other aspects of life. From tracking your breathing and other activities to monitoring your REM cycles, technology has remained the mainstay of every home.

Have you ever thought about the possible ways of getting a quality night sleep with all the electronic gadget that competes with your attention? Have you ever find yourself unable to sleep at night? At these periods, you’ll prefer to bask in the fresh glow of your smartphones or watching movies from your television. If you have ever experienced such, then your quality of sleep will have been negatively impacted.

It may interest you to note that several research studies have attested to the fact that these devices have actually been successful in stealing the sleep of both children and adults alike. And yes, what makes it more complicated is the fact that more and more people tend to spend more time with smartphones in the bedroom than ever, thus leading to sleeplessness. Here, we’ll be revealing some of the ways in which you can banish electronic devices, specifically smartphones from your bedroom:


Delayed Sleep Can Affect Your Health and Productivity

As contained in the reports of an Australian survey on teenagers, it was discovered that excessive utilization of electronic devices such as phones, computers, and televisions could significantly impair your sleep/wake cycle thus making you sleep late and wake up late.

Similarly, in an NSF poll conducted in 2014, it was proven that children with the opportunity of having various electronic devices in their rooms tend to record a fair to poor quality of sleep while those who do not have electronic devices had an excellent sleep quality.

In children as well as adults, insufficient sleep quality is usually associated with impaired learning and cognition, daytime fatigue, impaired memory, and a broad array of health issues.


Stimulation and Stress Keeps Your Mind Awake

Electronic devices that keep you active and engages you at all times, such as phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and televisions could significantly stimulate your mind while also distracting you from having a quality sleep. Recent research conducted at the Norwegian University compared the use of computer and smartphones. At the end of the study, it was proven that people who use computers and other electronic gadgets tend to record an increased risk of insomnia.

Have you ever find yourself awake to check your mobile phones in the middle of the night? Waking up to check your smartphones in the middle of the night could pose a significant effect on your sleep cycle. Apart from that, it could also make it pretty challenging for you to get back to bed. And if those work emails and social media accounts you check during the midnight brings you stress, then it could even become more challenging to fall back asleep.


Your Bedroom Should Serve the Purpose of Relaxation

While you should be winding down for sleep at night, constant vibrations and listening to different ringtones could keep your mind on the stress of both work and life. Yeah. Constant communication could bring you a whole lot of pressure but making your room entirely technology-free could significantly combat stress that comes with continuous communication. With the absence of smartphones, computers, and televisions in your bedroom, you’ll surely gain more time to refresh your body and relax.

Regular Missing of Sleep Increases Your Risk of Weight Gain

While weight gain and obesity could be ascribed to numerous factors, your sleeping habits also play a significant role. According to a children study published in the Journal of BMC public health, it was found that children that are overweight tend to sleep less than their counterparts who are of average weight. Authors of these research studies have linked the weight gain noticed in those children to chaos in the home, the number of hours spent with electronic gadgets like Televisions and several other factors.

Another study conducted at Birmingham City University, it was discovered that women who suffer from consistent poor sleep quality were more likely to have an increased body mass index than the counterparts who get quality sleep. In reality, a constant lack of quality sleep influences the body’s physical metabolism. People who have got their metabolism impaired tend to show an increased rate of hunger, thus significantly contributing to weight gain.

You need to get it clear. Technology and electronics have come to stay. After all, you make use of these devices to order our mattresses and pillows at All you need do is to ensure that these electronic devices do not gain your attention in your bedroom. Instead, you need to utilize some quality times with your loved ones. Do not make these devices your top priority in your bedroom!

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