The Right Time to Find a New Mattress

When was the last time you had a dreamless, peaceful sleep in your bed? When the comfort of your bed just unwinds your tired body? Well, your mattress has been a huge factor when it comes to your comfort during spending time in your bed. But how much do you really know about your mattress? With time, it is too, weathering away, sustaining way past its expiry. So to say, mattresses do not have an expiry date but usually come with a guarantee period after which its essential feature of comfort slowly gets erased. Therefore, you must keep a tab on the lifespan of your mattress as it can seriously affect your health. Here comes the golden question, how do you know when to go new mattress shopping? We have some answers that can help to find the right solution. 

How Long Do They Last?

Well, there is definitely no hard and fast rule about the life expectancy of a mattress.  On an average it could be said that a mattress can be exploited to its fullest capacity for about 7 years, after which it becomes a bed of discomfort. Take a moment and realize how long you have been using your fabric case filled with firm and soft material. People are more inclined to keep the mattress for over 10 years on an average, researchers reveal. For over 3 years, the bed has been giving you sleepless nights and you didn’t figure out the reason behind it. 

This can a good time to contemplate upon the number of years your mattress has been utilized. You have presumably been wearing it off for years without even knowing what it is doing to your body. 

A New Mattress Will Revive All the Comfort

If you have been have been tossing in bed, unable to sleep, you are in for mattress shopping. A whole new mattress will ensure soundless rest for a good 7-8 hours of prescribed sleep. Researchers have arrived at the conclusion that people could feel significant increase in sleep quality and reduction of minor back aches after changing their mattress post 5 years usage. Once you switch, you will feel the difference. In about a month, your body gets accustomed to the new bed and the new luxury. You will be more active and productive if provided with enough relaxation after a long, tiring day. 

Health and Age Factors

Not only is your mattress’s age in question, your age is also a crucial factor to ponder upon. Around the time you hit your 40s, you can feel it on your back. With age our bodies are more likely feel pressure and strain. Your sagging mattress has been further worsening your condition giving you tossing nights and dark circles. Therefore, the essence here is to keep a watch on the age of your mattress as you hit the big numbers. 

Having said that, age isn’t the only thing that should change your mind about your mattresses. Over time, there are a lot of health hazards that one can develop such as weight gain/loss, back ache, neck issues and overall fatigue and tiredness. 

Signs that You Might Have Missed 

Imagine you have an old sports shoe that you’ve been using for centuries. Well, a few years. You will realize that after their prime, they tend to lose their comfort and feel good factor. They get stretched and flattened around the sole, the result of years of usage almost every day. Similarly, your mattress can lose its charm by dropping a few hints. So, what are the cues you over looked?

  • You tend to wake up with a blocked nose with numbness and aches all over your body.
  • A hotel or sofa seems like a better option than your own bed. 
  • The fabric will start letting out tears and lumps indicating wear and tear.
  • The mattress squeaks even with the slightest movement.
  • You easily develop allergies as mattress, over time, becomes a pile of allergens. 

New Mattress, New You!

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