Sleep Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent outbreak and spread of the novel Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19 have taken a toll over everyone. The unannounced pandemic has caused significant changes in your lifestyle and daily routine. The heroic deeds of doctors and front-line medical workers are commendable and very different from how our lives have changed. While they fighting the real battle, you are struggling with daily chores.


Among the many consequences of national lockdowns and social distancing, a disrupted sleep cycle is one to be concerned about. The way COVID-19 has hit our daily lives can vary, depending on your occupation and general attitude. It is mainly, adjusting to the changed routine, anxiety, depression or isolation, family and work concerns, and stress-related fatigue that cause sleep problems in our lives. 


Sleep is an essential biological process. It empowers you to have a healthy immune system, increases brain function, enhances your mood, and improves your general mental health. It has been advised by experts that a night of proper sleep can drastically improve all aspects of health and is worthy of your attention during these troubled times. Here’s how you make sure let you get enough sleep: 


1. Make a new Routine and stick to it

A consistent sleep schedule is something your body requires and it is your job you make sure of it. Pick a wake up time and bedtime in order to establish an effective sleep schedule. You must also take a break from your work and indulge in relaxing activities such as reading and meditation. This can help you wind-down from the ongoing stress. 


2. Associate your bed with sleep

It is also important for you to utilize your bed just for sleep and avoid working from bed. This allows your body and mind to associate with sleep while on bed and can reduce significant sleep problems. 


3. Exposure to Light

Your body needs to get enough natural light during the day. Open your windows and curtains to let sunlight inside your home and it is going to have positive effects on your circadian rhythm. Make sure you aren’t spending too much time looking at the screen. The blue light disrupts the sleep-promoting processes and you end up being a night owl. 


4. Excessive Naps

When you’re home all day, it is natural for you to be tempted to take more naps. Well as amazing as it sounds, it might not be the best idea for your body. Take short power naps and remember to stay active throughout the day. And because you can’t go out of your house, keep yourself entertained with exercising, reading or even learning new skills. 


5. Keep a healthy diet

Keeping a healthy diet can promote good sleep. By watching what you eat and drink especially later in the day can prevent loss of quality sleep. 


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