Should You Wear Socks to Bed?

For most individuals, wearing socks to bed turns out to be a good thing. In fact, research indicates that wearing socks while sleeping can help you sleep faster and keep you warmer at night. Certain individuals don’t prefer wearing socks to bed.


Maybe their feet get too warm while they sleep, they don’t like the way they feel, or they believe that the feet need to breathe while sleeping. But it is essential to mention that covering yourself with blankets and wearing socks warms up the skin, dilates the blood vessels, and facilitates heat exchange that lowers the core body temperature. This ultimately signals to your brain that it’s time for you to doze off. 


Some health benefits of sleeping while wearing socks 


  1. Advance dry skin 

During the winter season, most individuals experience overly cracked or dry feet. This can lead to pain, soreness, and a little embarrassment. A great means to fight this dryness is to moisturize your feet before bed and then go on for a pair of fresh, clean, cotton socks. 


  1. Avoid hot flashes and night sweats 

Wearing socks helps the human body to better regulate its temperature while it cools itself. For this reason, your sleep is less likely to be troubled by hot flashes or night sweats. 


  1. To decrease the prevailing fever 

If you’re suffering from a slight fever, soak some cotton pads with apple cider vinegar, squeezing off the extra moisture. Before you go to bed, pop these dampened cotton pads into your bedtime socks. The vinegar will benefit in the blood flow, which is perfect for limiting fevers. The cotton pads can also strengthen your immune system, and assist in your body’s breaking down of waste products. 


  1. Sleep like a baby

Our feet need to be kept relatively warm so that the body can rest and help you fall asleep faster. If your feet are cold, then the body has to work actively to heat it up, so basically preventing you from falling asleep better and quickly. It would be best to wear a pair of snug socks and keep your feet warm and sleep like a baby.


Wearing the right kind of socks to bed

It is significant to understand that you must never wear the same socks each night and always make sure to put on a clean, fresh pair to prevent bacterial build-up that may cause fungal infections. After taking off the daytime socks, make sure to clean your feet and dry them thoroughly. Also, they should not be too thick, which may prevent adequate airflow and create conditions that are ripe for fungus to develop. Always go for a pair of natural-fiber socks, that aren’t very thick.  


But if you still do not prefer to wear socks in bed yet want these health benefits, it would be best to put on some extra blankets on the bottom part of your bed or slip in a heating pad under the sheets at the foot of the bed. We at Waikite offer pillows and mattresses that are antibacterial and are made from allergen-free synthetic spiral fiber that has great plush support where you can easily fetch the best sleep you desire. Visit us at Waikite to browse through the best collection for the best sleep.

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