How to Stay Asleep and Fall Asleep Fast

Nothing feels more stressful than staring at the clock in the dark and realizing that you have to wake up in a few hours to work and still haven’t had a wink. Sleeping problems can arise for varied reasons, and for dissimilar motives at unlike times in one’s life. Alterations in routines and schedules, emotional or physical stress, nutritional changes amongst others are the most common explanations that sleep difficulties come up. Thus, next time when you’re struggling with sleep, try any of the following below mentioned effective sleeping tips:


Place your gadgets far away

The screens of your computer, phones, and televisions emit light that is full of blue sections of the visible light spectrum which is very unhealthy for the eyes. Turning off all the screens at least an hour before time to retire will allow the adequate release of melatonin and will keep your inner clock right on time. 


Undertake relaxing activities 

Circumvent stimulating activities right before bed because in most cases exciting activities to cause the intensifying of the brain’s consciousness levels which eventually leads to nervousness and disturbed sleep. It would be practical to try something calming like meditation, reading a book or mild stretching to divert yourself from such worries. 


Fetch a mattress of precise firmness

If you desire to fetch a good night’s rest, go for a mattress that matches your sleep cycle and body type. Try the mattresses at Waikite at your place for 30 nights and if you decide it’s not perfect for you, you can exchange for a softer or firmer mattress available with us or return the mattress entirely. 


Undertake morning exercises

It is problematic to sleep right after exercising because the core body temperature requires to go down for healthier sleep. It can be very rough to sleep with the endorphins bouncing around in the brain. Thus, it is prudent to exercise at least one or two hours before bedtime or early in the morning to get some fresh morning oxygen.  


Consume an early dinner 

Difficulties like indigestion and heartburn make it very challenging to go back to sleep. The stomach needs an acceptable time to digest the food. It is practical to consume your meal at least two to three hours prior to bedtime and also make a little effort to go for a walk with your family so that at least the digestion course becomes lively for the stomach. 


Set the bedroom temperature to cool

Cool and optimal room temperature is always operative in getting you to fall asleep better. To fetch tolerable undisturbed sleep, it would be practical to use the fan or download an app that offers plentiful white noise choices. 


Stop looking at your watch

Position your timepieces in such a way that you can’t see them when you’re all set to snooze. Looking at the watch may make you nervous that you haven’t fallen asleep yet, and in turn, that concern might make it problematic to fall asleep. 


If you have a close-fitting working schedule, these simple ideas can help you fetch tolerable sleep during the daytime. It is best to get operative and comfortable sleep accessories, pillows and mattresses for better sleep. This is where Waikite comes into the picture, where we offer bedsheets and pillows made from organic fabric.


You can easily sleep bare skin and feel very contented with them. We have shared luxury with traditional materials and filled both worlds into all the bedding products. Our linens are faultless for the skin, direct machine washable, no chemical odor, comfortable and breathable for one’s own sleeping fondness.

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