How to Practice Self- Care While Social Distancing & Self-Isolating

Life in 2020 has been complicated and no one really expected the virus outbreak to hit the world so hard, additionally changing everything about our day to day lives. The way it has affected each one of you is also very convoluted. You may be spending all your time alone or with your whole family. You could be working from home while struggling to keep up with the daily chores. All of this is meant to put you off and wonder the silver lining among the chaos. 


Well, as the whole world is moving slow and everyone is being super precautious, now could be a good time to divert all your attention towards yourself. It could be the perfect time to go easy on yourself and focus more on your inner peace. Here are some ways you can keep yourself occupied and keep your mental and physical self, healthy:


1. Eat Healthy

Now that the ties your favorite fast food joint is loose, it is time to go on a healthy food adventure. At such troubled times, it is important to keep yourself active and pump up your immunity. As food is basically the building blocks of your immune system, east wisely and eat fresh. Do not ignore your greens and fruits but also do not forget to treat yourself with interesting homemade recipes. 


2. Sleep Well

It is extremely important for you to get enough rest to function and get through with the day. Less sleep will keep you in bad shape and poor health, leading to feelings of restlessness and self-doubt. Make sure to keep a balanced sleep cycle and it will help with gaining optimum physical and mental functionality.   


3. Workout Sessions

Now that you are home, you can go ahead and finish that workout routine you have been waiting to get on with. Exercise can improve your mood and reduce any kind of stress as well as help regulate your sleep/wake cycle. Just 30-40 minutes of daily exercise will keep you engaged and help you accomplish your fitness goals as well. 


4. Backyard games are in

For any kind of outdoor fun, your backyard is now the safest place to be. Utilize this time and come up with fun ways to make use of your space. Go for a night game of checkers, tic-tac-toe, or even Jenga and spend quality time with your loved ones. 


5. Meditate

As there is so much going on around you, meditation will help you keep calm from lowering your blood pressure to increasing creativity and boosting your immune system. 


6. Grow your dream garden

Gardening for around 30 minutes every day shall result in reduced stress hormone levels. Get your hands dirty and grow some life around you. 


7. Keep in touch with family and friends

Being adequately social can reduce the chances of heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Social distancing does not apply to virtual meetings, so go crazy on the applications. Be it a skype call or the old school phone call, make sure to keep people you care about updated about yourself. 


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