How to Meditate Your Way to A Great Night’s Sleep

Meditation has always been beneficial for individuals to fetch better sleep. There are certain specific meditative exercises that can help you to distract your mind from all the kinds of stress that you might face in your everyday lives. When you can’t sleep effortlessly, one of the common pieces of guidance is to easily relax, avoid worrying about it and just let yourself drift off. We understand that this sounds easy but, is difficult to follow. Fortunately, there are some easy meditation means which could help you fetch a relaxed state and would easily put you in the right frame of mind to fall asleep. 

Mindfulness meditation includes focusing on the breathing and then bringing your mind’s concentration to the present without distracting into the concerns about the future or past circumstances. It helps you to get rid of the line of everyday thoughts to arouse the relaxation response, using whatever techniques that feel accurate to you. It is prudent to practice meditation ideally for nearly 20 minutes to acquire a sense of relaxation. 


If a clear mind does not help you sleep easy at night, it would be prudent to resort to easy counting to distract yourself from thoughts that can give you anxiety. 

Continue on your own, counting breaths up to ten, good-naturedly returning your concentration whenever you get distracted. If you lose track of counting, that’s no problem. Begin over wherever you last remember. Counting numbers always helps to calm down and fetch effective sleep. Make an effort to take a deep abdominal breath, and after holding it for some time, exhale with each count. If this won’t work, you can imagine that you’re walking down an imaginary set of stairs, with each breath being another step-down. 

Deep breathing 

When you lie comfortably in bed, take at least 5 to 6 breaths by inhaling through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth. As you do this, make an effort to feel a sense of the lungs filling with air and the chest expanding. At that moment, imagine your stressful thoughts and feelings disappearing into the distance, and tensed feelings in the body melting away. 

Undertaking breathing exercises from the abdomen is an effective way to relax and requires you to really take your mind off stuff and just pay attention to your breathing and nothing else. You can also listen to some soothing music to make the process much simpler. 

Begin by lying down, allowing the legs to be in a comfortable position and at least hip-width apart. You can position your arms by the side of your hands on the belly. When relaxation is the final goal, breath becomes the most vital ally. Just easily take deeper and controlled breaths for better and effective results. 

Mindful meditation 

Sleep is vital for our wellbeing as essentials like water, food, and housing. Sleep is necessary to make sure that our body functions properly. Inadequate sleep leaves the brain exhausted so that it can’t operate its duties properly. That is where mindful meditation comes into play. 

Meditation helps you to not overthink things when you are making an effort to sleep. It helps to deal with that before you go to bed. Sometimes, it becomes easy to sleep after jotting down all those stressful thoughts or worries into a journal. Meditation trains the body to be less in the head and be more aware of the present moment. Meditation for sleep is a particular guided experience that provides natural sleep on its own, allowing one to let go of the day so that one can rest the mind while simultaneously resting the body. 

Increased and effective sleep can lower stress levels and also improve health-related difficulties. Better-quality sleep also affects the immune system and encourages weight management and better eating habits. Undertaking a meditation session for sleep before bedtime can benefit you to fall asleep faster and once asleep, you’re likely to sleep more soundly. The more you practice mindful meditation, the more likely you develop a calm and relaxed mind that can sleep at peace. We at Waikite, offer luxury pillows, sheets and sleeping accessories that are self-adjustable for your own sleeping preference. Our products are made from natural cotton that is best for the skin with no chemical smell. They are breathable, anti-bacterial, firm, luxurious and are direct-machine washable. We also offer a 5-year warranty period and guarantee that they will never go flat after use. 

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