How To Make Your Bed at Home Like a 5-Star Hotel

Remember the time when you are traveling, and you go through some plane delays, hailing for a cab, then reaching your stay and sliding in your hotel bed and relax?! You don’t have to leave this dream behind your hotel while coming back home. You can make your own homely bedding as comfortable and luxurious as any 5-star hotel.

Here we have brought together a few simple tips which will help you in turning your bedroom in a five-star hotel room.


Stick to all-white bedding.

Most 5-star hotels use classy white bedding to create a comforting and clean environ on the room. So in order to create that amazing atmosphere and coziness in your bedroom, you can buy some white cotton or satin bedding. A lovely white bedspread, a fluffy comforter quilt and a set of luxury pillows will give your room that quintessential hotel-like look.  So, do not worry about dust staining now and create your cloud-like cocoon.


Select your bedspreads wisely.

Bedsheets are the most prominent factor which makes your bedding comfortable. Mostly, luxury hotels use superior cotton weaves.  Especially, Egyptian cotton sheets are very popular because they are breathable and help you stay cool. So, the next time you go out for some home shopping, say no to the microfiber varieties and choose some amazing pure cotton, soft and smooth sheets to make your bedroom comfortable and sophisticated like a hotel room.


Get into some styling of the sheet.

If you wish to match the comfort and style of a five-star hotel, then you have to bring in another factor; neatly fitted sheets. In hotels, they generally use two flat sheets instead of one. the bottom flat sheet is generally oversize and is neatly tucked in around the mattress. Also, the top flat sheet is tucked in on the bedsides and the bed foot.  Another tip is to make sure that you should put the top flat sheet upside down. So if you fold the top portion, you see the designed side of the sheet.


Follow the simple math- superb comforter + comfy cotton duvet cover = bliss.

For perfect bedding, you need to buy in some classy essentials. A wrong choice of bedding can certainly lead to a less comfortable experience. So, for that plush, and awesome hotel experience at home,  bring in a comforter and cotton duvet cover which is fluffy, and light toned.

Remember that you should look for a comforter which is 2 inches wide and long than your duvet cover; this will give you an amazing and sumptuous bedding experience.


Bring home a feather bed.

The mattress in the hotel room plays a huge role in the sleep experience. So, in order to bring that experience back to your bedroom; then go for a feather bed or a mattress pad. This will help you with authentic hotel bed experience.


Hotel bedding is not just about beds.

The amazing feeling that you get in a hotel room is not just because of the comfortable bedding. It is also about amazing decor, wall colors, lighting, and furnishing in the hotel room. The rooms are carefully designed keeping in mind the entire ambiance and look of the hotel. So, you also need to make some additions or changes to the ambiance of your bedroom.

Add some interesting decor like picture frames, vases, flowers, or adorn the room with brilliant lighting. Some chandelier lamps or pendant lamps can also work wonders in the feel of your bedroom.


Create magic with the curtains.

Rooms look beautiful if the curtains are right. So, choose your curtains carefully. Prefer the ones which are translucent, light-toned and complementing to your color combination. This simple step will go a long way in making your homely bedroom look like an elegant hotel room.


Bring in a pair of luxury pillows.

You usually take your pillows for granted. However, good luxury pillows are a must for comfy bedding. You can choose from a variety of luxury pillows available on the market and get yourself the best ones. Luxury pillows do not only help you in enhancing the comfort and elegance of the room but also help you in enhancing your posture and your quality of sleep. So, even if you feel that they cost you a bit too much; still you are going to get some amazing results.


Take a look at the collection of Waikite pillows. These pillows are anti-bacterial and will give a cooling effect. Other than pillows, Waikite also offers bedding accessories and blux bed-sheet which give a luxurious resort-like feel to your home!

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