5 Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain, then know that you are not the only one. But did you know that lower back pain is not a result of any severe medical conditions, like cancer or arthritis? Instead, it is the result of stress or strain due to bad posture, and awkward sleeping positions.

So, to help you get rid of this, here are the best sleeping positions to try in order to limit your lower back pain and get a better sleep.


1. Sleep on your side and keep a pillow in between your knees. 

If lying flat on your back is giving you lower back pain, then try turning over to your side. Allow your shoulder to rest on the mattress, then place a pillow in between your knees. If there is a gap between your waist and the mattress, then you can take one smaller pillow for additional support. Sleeping in this position will keep your hips, pelvis, and spine in the right alignment an reduce the back pain.


2. Sleep in a fetal position.

Second helpful sleeping to cure lower back pain is the fetal position. You need to sleep on your side and curl up like a fetus. In this position, will open up the space between the vertebrae and the spine due to which you will experience a remarkable pain relief.


3. Sleep flat on your stomach and keep a  pillow under your abdomen.

You may have thought that sleeping on your stomach may increase the lower back pain. Although this is partly true, still it is only if your neck is placed in a stressful situation. However, if you place a pillow below your stomach, then you might feel a bit relieved. In this position, all the stress from your discs is relieved and you get a better alignment.


4. Sleep on your back and keep a pillow under your knees.

This is a best-recommended sleeping position to cure the lower back pain. You need to lay flat on your back. And place a pillow underneath your knees to keep your spine in a neutral position. You can also place a small, towel roll in the small space of your back for additional support. In this position, all your weight is distributed evenly and as a result,  there is lesser strain on the pressure points which prevents lower back pain.


5. Sleep in a recliner chair.

Are you most comfortable during a nap in your recliner chair? then sleeping in a recliner chair can be the best choice for curing lower back pain.  You can also consider investing in a comfy adjustable bed to get the best alignment and support for your back. This position is best to cure lower back pain because it creates a perfect angle between your thighs and trunk which reduces the pressure on your spine and provides relief.


How should you choose your pillows?

Remember that your pillow should cradle your head and neck to support the upper portion of your spine. Here are some suggestions regarding the pillows which will help you in curing your lower back pain.

If you sleep on your back, you must use thinner pillows which have extra padding in the bottom for supporting the neck. Memory foam can be a good material which would mold specifically in shape of your neck. A water pillow is also a nice option for the firm, and all-over support.

If you sleep on your stomach, then you should choose the thinnest pillow. In fact, you can also try sleeping on your side and holding a body pillow. It will give you the feeling of comfort against your stomach and help you in staying aligned.

If you are a side sleeper, then you may try the firm pillow. Find one which has an extra-wide gusset with the space between your ear and shoulder. Also, do not forget to keep a firm pillow between your knees. You can also keep rolled towel. Also, remember to change your pillow in every 18 months for maintaining better plush support and preventing your lower back pain.


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