Do You Know how To Clean Your Pillow?

When it comes to cleaning the house, everything gets washed. From the sheets to the curtains, you make sure that every little thing in your house is spic and span. But have you ever bothered to see what is underneath that pillow case and bed sheets? Yes your pillow needs to be cleansed at least twice a year. Those icky yellow stains on the pillow does not indicate that the pillow needs to be replaced, in fact it could be done away with just a simple wash and dry. In spite of being covered with pillow cases and protectors, foreign elements such as dirt, dead cells, sweat, bacteria and even fungi get accumulated over usage which makes it the harbor of a variety of infections. The protectors merely help the stuffing of the pillow to be intact and these germs and dirt find their way into the case. Therefore regular cleaning of the pillow, at least once in 8-10 months will ensure clean, fresh and bacteria free pillows. Once, this is established, the very next question is, how do you wash them? With a plethora of different kinds of pillows in the market, one is often left in a state of confusion. Well, say goodbye to your worries because we are here to unravel some cleaning tips for your pillows. 

Disclaimer: Do not forget to look at the tag attached to the pillow. It usually contains the fabric details and washing instructions. 

Microfiber Pillows

Unlike exclusive pillows that need proper care and protection, microfiber pillows can easily be hand washed or machine washed in a gentle, mild mode. The reason washing machines are not advised for pillows is that the filing may get severed during the process and we do not want that. Therefore, make sure you put on a case or mesh bag to keep the stuffing in place. Avoid using a string detergent and make sure all of the soap is completely rinsed off the pillow. Let it dry in a shaded area or use a dryer at a low setting to get your pillow out nice and fluffy. 

Polyester-Fill Pillows

Another great fabric among the good lot is polyester that can be easily put inside a machine to come out nice and clean. A warm, gentle wash and some soaking time is recommended for such kinds. Drying process also is practically the same, either let it out to dry naturally or use the dryer on a lower mode. It is better to turn and fluff them regularly during the wash. 

Latex Pillows

The reason for the gaining popularity of latex pillows is none other than its resistance to dust, mildew and dirt. They are hypoallergenic, although require more attention and care. Washing them in the machine or soaking is a big NO NO for latex. They need to be gently sponged or hand washed with utmost care and caution. After a humble wipe, remove excess soap with cold water and gently let it dry. Squeezing or stretching the pillow is definitely not on the do’s. 

Memory Form Pillows

These are advanced pillows that provide great comfort and solace. They are a great investment but need to be pillow cover protected all the time to protect its extraordinary features. These pillow have the tendency to mop up all kinds of odor, liquids and moisture that comes in contact with it. This might be the reason why you have a funny smelling pillow. Well, this is not a cue to change your pillow altogether but to clean it instead. When it comes to these form core pillows, have a thorough look at the instructions. These pillows can’t be dumped in the machine. It necessitates a vacuum cleaner that can extract all the dead skins and dust mites from the pillows. Other marks and stains can be cleaned using a cloth with a mild detergent. 

In case you do not want to go in for a full-fledged wash but just a quick refreshment. You can spray detergent solution all over, blotting away all the liquid and then spray water to get all the soap out. 

Washing your pillow is a healthy habit to develop. You will be amazed at how much longer you can enjoy the comfort and support of your pillow. They need to be well groomed so that your comfort is never compromised. At Waikite, we offer anti- bacterial, odorless, firm and premium pillows that are of 5 star quality and comfort. For all your bedding solutions, check out our website today!

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