Can’t Sleep Well? Your Pillow Might Be The Problem

Do you keep tossing and turning all night long, hoping for a good child-like sleep? How many nights do you spend counting sheep and pigs and even dinosaurs, but don’t fall asleep? If you can’t sleep well, your pillow might be the problem.

If you fall asleep late in the night and wake up to the shrill alarm to what feels like a few minutes, you probably have the worst sleep in life. Everybody has one or two sleepless nights, but if it has become a routine for you, you need to do something to save yourself from insomnia in the long run.

Most of the times, people assume that if they can’t sleep well, it must be due to stress or psychological problems like depression. Other times, bad sleep could result due to side effects of certain consumptions. High intakes of caffeine and alcohol can disturb your sleep gradually in the long run. Another reason could be that people get disturbed by their own snoring.

However today, one of the leading problems for unhealthy sleep is the pillow. Yes, if you can’t sleep well, your pillow might be the problem! This problem is pretty underrated. Nobody thinks about the fact that your pillow can cause you problems. Buying the right pillow as per your requirements will make sure that your upper body is correctly positioned with the right cushioning. If you are sleeping in a comfortable position, nothing can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.


The correct pillow will make sure your spine is aligned, and the distance between your neck and the head is reduced, preventing body aches. As per sleep experts, apart from elevation, the firmness of your pillow can also affect your sleep. Moreover, most importantly, it should match your sleeping style.

For example, if you are a back-sleeper, you will need a thin pillow that positions your spine in the mid-line. It will reduce the distance between your neck and head, preventing neck aches.

However, if you sleep on your side, which almost 75% of us do, the height and width of the pillow have equal importance. This is because these two factors will determine the gap between your neck and shoulders.

Also, if you are pregnant or suffer from hip pain while being a side sleeper, you may want a full body support pillow. Hence, you should go for a long pillow on which you can rest your leg or arm.


Most of the time, people understand the difference between the pillow they use and the perfect pillow they need. This affects their sleep which leads to them feeling lethargic all day. Most people complain about suffering from neck, shoulder, back and hip pain at a very early age. Pins and needles and postural issues go unnoticed under the ‘problem category.’

Most people assume that if they are not sleeping well, they must be suffering from stress or mild depression.

It is important to consider that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. This is much time that should pass peacefully. Not all people sleep similarly. Similarly, not all people are comfortable with the same pillow. If your spouse sleeps on a heightened, extra soft pillow, it is not necessary that the same one will suit you so you can’t sleep well each night.

Thus, Waikite Luxury Pillows have come up with a pillow that suits everybody. These pillows are the best ones that will help anyone get a better quality of sleep. These luxury pillows will make sure you get deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.


How to get better sleep?

Additionally, you can practice some easy steps that will allow you to drift into a good night’s sleep peacefully. These are-

  1. Avoid caffeine- based drinks before bedtime. So do not drink tea or coffee, alcohol and soda are out of consideration.
  2. Create a perfect environment in your room, dim the lights, listen to some soothing music and cuddle inside a comforter during winters.
  3. If you are stressed, take a warm water bath just before going to bed. It will help you drift off easily.


Did you know, more than 20 million British adults suffer from sleep problems at some point in time in their lives? Out of these, insomnia is the most common one. Moreover, it becomes frustrating for sufferers during the long, winter nights. Thus is it time for you to get over the ‘can’t sleep well’ phase and sleep peacefully.

Get yourself the Waikite Luxury Pillow and have the best sleep of your life. These pillows are anti-bacterial and odorless. They are made of allergy-free, synthetic spiral fiber which provides great comfort and adjusts to the person’s sleeping patterns. These pillows can also be machine washed directly, so you do not have to fuss about dirty cushions!

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