Why Creating A Meaningful Before Bedtime Routine Will Make You Sleep Better

Whether you’re a side sleeper, back or front sleeper, a right pillow makes a real difference to the quality and comfort of your sleep. Of course, because they are there to rest one of the most vital and busiest parts of your body; our head.

According to the Sleep Council, a pillow is only good if it holds your head in the correct alignment – that is, in the same position as it is while standing upright with good posture. The degree of support necessary for everyone differs from person to person. A too soft pillow will let your head to fall back, placing pressure on your neck, while a too hard pillow leaves you with stiffness.

Also, maintaining the hygiene of your pillow is very necessary. An adult can lose up to a litre of sweat in one night, so the pillow can retain bacteria and naturally grow unhygienic. So, it is recommended that you replace your pillow after two to three years.

With all these things considered, let us now look at some fine pillows from which you can choose the right one for yourself. Here are our top picks!


1. Fogarty Wool Medium Support Pillows

If you wish to sink in a puffy soft pillow after a long tiresome day, then you must definitely take a look at the Forgaty wool medium support pillows. This pillow has a pure cotton cover, wool filling and is washable in machine. Wool being a natural temperature regulator, it can absorb moisture and release it when humidity levels shift. This pillow is especially good for people having allergies. It also has a very pleasant herbal smell which is quite a pleasant add-on.


2. Debenhams ‘J’ by Jasper Conran Pillows

Ever thought of sleeping in a bed full of soft delicate feathers? Well, if not a bed, you can have a super luxurious feather soft pillow. This goose or duck-down filled pillow is practical, comparatively affordable and washable in machines. It is lightweight, soft and comes encased in a cotton cover. Also, if you choose this pillow, you get a pair of pillows in one pack which is beneficial.


3. Feather and Black Duck Down Super King Pillows

These super luxurious pillows are plump, bouncy and provide utmost comfort to the rested head. The high-quality pure cotton exterior ensures its durability and does not let the feathers pop out. It is a perfect blend of luxury and durability which is a must-have. This pillow is ideal who complain about stiff neck due to improper body posture while sleeping. It holds your head and supports your neck in such a way that your posture stays right and you wake up in a pleasant mood.


4. Ultimate Goose Down Pillows

It may sound strange, but this pillow has a chic design. It has a rectangular shape with tapered edges and attractive silver linings. Just by looking at it, one can determine its quality and comfort. This luxury pillow will ensure proper support to your head, and neck while sleeping in any position. More than comfort, these pillows also enhance the look of your bedding. It gives the room a luxurious feel and accents the beauty of your comfy corner.


5. Tempur Original Queen Pillows

This pillow is one of its kind. It is neither rectangular nor bouncy but is amazing when it comes it comfort. It is designed with a curve to fit in the gap between your head and neck which helps to align your spine when sleeping on your side or back. It conforms to your natural curvature and let your neck and shoulder muscles relax fully to eliminate any discomfort. It is a good choice especially for those who have gone through or going through neck pains or muscle soreness.
This unique and offbeat pillow may not look fluffy and bouncy but will make sure that you sleep tight. So, if you are going through some minor head or neck pain due to injuries or are worried due to sleep problems, then go for the Tempur original queen pillows. You will notice a considerable change in your quality of sleep and reduction in pain.


6. Casper Pillows

The Casper pillow is made by award-winning mattress makers, who endorse its design as a “pillow-in-pillow”. This means that this pillow comes with a small supportive cushion that zips into a softer outer made by a filled gusset. The supportive part ensures proper support to neck and spine and gives a soft-feeling. The outside cover is made of 100 per cent cotton which gives the cooling effect. This pillow is available in two sizes and you can choose the one which is right for you.
The Casper pillow distinguishes itself in its appearance, feel and comfort. You will experience exceptional comfort and luxury when you start using these pillows regularly. They are made out of premium material, so you can be also be assured about their durability.


7. Waikite Pillows

Have you ever wondered why sleeping in a hotel is so pleasing and comfortable? The reason is the luxurious bedding used in the hotel which makes the guests feel highly relaxed. The Waikite luxury pillows give you the exact comfort, relaxation, and luxurious feel. They are made with allergen-free synthetic spiral fiber which has great plush support. These pillows are anti-bacterial, machine washable and suitable for everyone. Bring home the luxurious Waikite pillow and be assured to get good sleep!


For unleashing amazing comfort and relaxed sleep, take a look at the collection of Waikite pillows and make the right choice. Other than pillows, Waikite also offers bedding accessories and blue bedsheet which give a luxurious resort-like feel to your home and make you sleep comfortably.

Add your comments to share ideas or questions about the different types of pillows in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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