Do you feel some ache in your back? Well, in that situation give yoga a try. Yoga is a highly followed activity for its ability to ease stress & promote relaxation. Practicing yoga benefits both mental and physical health and helps one gain more awareness of the body.

There can be plenty of causes for lower back pain because the lower back is a sensitive spot for several individuals. A weak core and poor posture from sitting all day are two common factors contributing to the pain. Thus, some gentle yoga could provide visible effectiveness in relieving the rigidity of your lower back.

Below we have detailed 8 yoga poses to relieve lower back pain:

1) Child’s Pose

This pose is popular for bringing back the childhood memories in you. It’s a lively stretch that helps elongate the rear and is also an excellent de-stressor, especially before bed after an exhausting day. 

2) Cat/Cow Pose

This is an ideal pose for an aching, sore back because it loosens the back muscles and improves the blood circulation between the vertebrae of the spine. This easy pose powers up the brain and improves focus, mental stability, and coordination. 

3) Standing Forward Bend

This is a crucial part of the sun salutation sequence and offers an excellent stretch to the hamstrings, calves, and lengthens the spine. 

4) Sphinx Pose

This is the start backbend in yoga that helps to open the chest, lungs, and lower back and invigorates the body, soothes the nervous systems, and is absolutely therapeutic for fatigue.

5) Downward Facing Dog

This one is among the foremost, widely known yoga pose because it stretches the hamstring and calf muscles at the back of the legs, and builds strength within the shoulders, thus offering relief from lower backache.

6) Reclined Pigeon Pose

Also known as the dead pigeon, this pose helps to stretch your hamstrings and quads, and also works as a preventive stretch for the knees.

7) Reclined Supine Twist

This pose strengthens and encourages mobility along your spine, improves breathing and neck tension, and stretches the hips, chest, shoulders, and upper back. This is an effective stretch for the lower back and provides some pain relief if your muscles are tight.

8) Knees to Chest with Slow Rock

As this pose is performed on your back, it is sometimes mentioned as “Supine Knees-to-Chest Pose.” This a classical yoga asana with therapeutic benefits for lower back pain. When coupled up with a rock on either side to side or back and forth, it offers a mild massage to the lower back that helps to relieve pain.

If you are facing back pain, yoga could be just what the doctor ordered.

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