8 Of The Best Pillows For Side Sleepers For Any Budget

When it comes to pillows, there is no one type that fits all. Different people sleep differently, and so each one needs different kinds of pillows for optimum comfort and ease. Especially, side sleepers need extra support for your neck, shoulders, and spine.

Although there are a number of pillows in the market which claim to be the ‘best choice’ for side sleepers, you may end up getting disappointed. So, for making your choice of a perfect pillow easier for your, we have assembled some of the best!


1. Hybrid Pillows

A Hybrid pillow is designed for giving proper support and comfort to the mind and body. This pillow is reversible and features down-like quilted side and a cooling side for regulating the temperature during sleep. It has an additional inset pillow between the layers which can be easily removed in order to adjust support level.


2. Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

This memory foam pillow is perfect for side sleepers and for those with allergies. The premium shredded memory foam remains even in thickness without going flat or lumpy. These pillows are fully adjustable and provide firm and soft support to your body.   Your head and neck get perfect contouring which promotes proper spinal alignment. These pillows also help in maintaining good air circulation due to hypoallergenic cover.


3. Home Down Pillows

Home down pillows feature a satin cotton shell. These amazing pillows are made from the fine ducks and goose feathers and come in premium quality. Apart from being superior in quality, they also are light-weight and supportive to the neck. These features make the down pillows ideal for side sleepers.


4. 2-in-1 Shoulder Pillows

The shoulder pillows have a specific shape in order to support the side sleepers.  You will get a perforation pattern on the exterior of the pillow which is useful in promoting airflow and keeps you cool. These pillows also offer pressure-relieving support for shoulders, neck, and back. Being wrapped in an ultra-plush cover, this pillow too gives you all the essential contouring of a memory foam pillow.


5. Contour Side-to-Side Breeze Pillows

Are you the one who cannot sleep still and keeps on turning to your sides every now and then? Then, you might have to go for the contour breeze pillows. These are ergonomically shaped for providing extra support as you slide from side to side in your sleep. They have a polyester filling and is covered by a considerably breathable and machine washable knit cover. Just like other pillows, these pillows contain cooling gel for keeping you comfortable throughout the night.


6. Density Pillows

If you need to watch out on your budget along with comfort, then density pillows are a good-to-go option for you. These pillows consist of down alternative material with hypoallergenic clusters and their cover is made out of durable pure cotton.   You can also have a choice between soft, medium, or firm types.  We recommend you medium/firm density pillows if you are an ardent side sleeper.


7. Queen Side Sleeper Pillows

The queen size sleeper pillows come with an extra-firm support level. It also provides consistent contouring to your neck, spine and entire body. These pillows have a polyester filling and come with a fine quality and durable cotton cover. These pillows are also pocket- friendly and considerably comfortable.


8. Waikite Pillows

You are a side-sleeper, back sleeper or one who sleeps like a starfish lying on your tummy; isn’t it wise to have a pillow which is suitable for every sleeping position? If you also think likewise, then Waikite pillows are the best and perfect choice for you. They come with a perfect plush support, contouring and above all a luxurious feel. These luxury pillows not only offer physical comfort and contouring but also offer you utmost relaxation and luxurious feel. They have allergen-free synthetic spiral fiber with a great plush support. These pillows are anti-bacterial, machine washable and suitable for everyone. Bring home the luxurious Waikite pillow and be assured to get good sleep! These pillows are suitable for any sleeping position.


For unleashing an amazing comfort and for having a relaxed sleep, take a look at the collection of Waikite Pillows and make the perfect choice. Other than pillows, Waikite also offers bedding accessories and blux bedsheet which give a luxurious resort-like feel to your home and make you sleep comfortably.

If you have any comments or idea, don’t forget to share them in the comments below!

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