7 Ways Good Sleep Can Heal You

When you doze off, it seems as if your body’s powers are down for the night. But your body actually repairs and restores to rejuvenate itself for the next day. 

According to some doctors, one should think of sleep as a tuneup which you need to run smoothly. You should also aim to get 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye each night. This gives your body a much-needed time to repair and take care of you.

Herewith are some ways in which you will understand how sleeping can heal your mind and your body!


1. Sleeping helps to burn your calories. 

 If you want to safeguard your waistline, then you need to make your sleep time a priority. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people ate an average of about 300 calories less every day while they had slept well.

A solid night with enough sleep will provide extra willpower and you can resist yourself from eating those cookies or chips. We are discovering that particular part of the brain that controls sleep and plays a crucial role in appetite and metabolism. 


2. Enough sleep makes you smarter.

You absorb thousands of things each day, for example, new words, new schedules, new trends etc. While you sleep; your brain sorts all these newly learned things and gives you time to adapt to newer things in life; thus making it better. 

According to a study, sleep decides what to store in your mind and what to toss out. The important details in your mind become memories which you can remember later. 

Some doctors also suggest that “If you are trying to learn something, then simply go to bed.” Chances are that you will remember the particular speech or perform those dance moves better next morning.


3. Good sleep brightens your mood. 

When you toss and turn every night, chances are that you will stay cranky in the next day. But when you are refreshed, then it is not much easier to be pleasant.

According to a study, “Sleep allows your mind and body to rest. This also gives you more energy and an enhanced positive outlook.” With good sleep, you can also manage your stress in a better manner. 

In the long run, these benefits protect your mental health. Research in the journal SLEEP also shows that people who sleep for about 7 to 9 hours a night had lesser symptoms of depression as compared to those who slept more or less.


4. Good sleep heals you internally and externally. 

During sleep, your brain induces the release of hormones which encourage tissue growth. This can help you to recover through different injuries like cuts and also sore muscles from your last workout.

Quality sleep also helps the body to defend itself. During sleep, you can produce more and more white blood cells which attack viruses and bacteria. 

In another study, people who sleep for at least 8 hours a night were 3 times less likely to suffer from a cold as compared to those who got 7 hours or less.


5. It guards your heart.

When you sleep, your blood pressure dips. This may give your heart some time to rest and there can be other heart-related benefits as well. 


 6. Good sleep energizes you. 

With enough sleep, you will experience extra energy in other activities. So if you indulge in rigorous activities like cycling, running, or gyming; then enough sleep becomes a must for you. 


7. Good sleep makes you take tough decisions easily. 

Are you stumped about something? Then simply go to bed and you may wake up to a new perspective of looking at it. It’s true: This is because you need to get enough sleep to think well. Good sleep boosts your creativity and makes you ready to reflect into your unconscious thoughts and find a good solution or thought in any given situation. 


However, getting good sleep is not that easy- you need a few things to ensure that you get a peaceful rest. A cozy environment, clean room, soothing lights, comfortable bed and relaxing pillows are to name a few. Without these, it is surely difficult for you to doze off comfortably. 

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