7 tips to get your sleep cycle back on track during the lockdown

This lockdown may have been a blessing for a lot of us, but we all can agree that it has dramatically disturbed our habits. Because of self-isolation, the time that we spend outside has been cut and we are preferring to stay inside the four walls of our house. This can create stress in our bodies. One common outcome of this can be troubled sleep patterns. Some of you might be oversleeping and the others might find it difficult to sleep at all. Don’t you worry; we have a few tips to bring your sleep on track.


Before we begin, it’s important to understand the body. Major changes in our lifestyle affect the natural circadian rhythm, which in turn helps in regulating our sleep. It’s basically our internal clock. Once this rhythm is disturbed our body releases hormones that create the imbalance. 



1. Physical Exertion

It’s important to use that energy that we are storing in our bodies. You need to tire yourself out. For this, perhaps a yoga session or a walk on the terrace can be beneficial. Plus, you need to make up for the energy that we are simply consuming during this lockdown.


2. Change Bed time Habits

We all are in the habit of using our cells before falling asleep or watching some movies. For a night of good sleep, you need to have a calm mind. Hence it is advised that you decrease your screen time before you sleep and try some reading or music instead. 


3. Avoid caffeine

On normal days you might fail to start functioning without that cup of coffee, but since you are exerting less, it’s suggested that you avoid caffeine after noon.  Since it’s a stimulant, it will surely affect your sleep.


4. Have a routine

For your body to adjust to this situation you need to let your circadian rhythm adjust naturally. For this, you need to have a routine. Eat on time daily. Once you balance the rhythm, your hormones too will be controlled resulting in the normal sleep cycle.


5. Avoid naps

Save that sleep for the night. The more you sleep in the morning, the more difficult it gets to sleep at night.


6. Watch your diet

Though this lockdown has put the cook in you to use, however, it’s necessary to watch those calories. The rule should be to consume less if you are spending less. You don’t want to disturb your body with all that fat and complex carbohydrates. 


7. Get outside

Now that the air quality index for most of the cities has improved, try to get outside as much as possible. Breathe in that fresh air and get that Vit-D rich sunshine.


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