7 Sleeping Tips For Summer Nights

Obviously, we are gradually moving towards the summertime, and getting a good night sleep might not be as easy as other seasons of the year. Whether you have an air conditioning system or you do not have one, you might find it a bit challenging to sleep in warm weather comfortably. This is due to the usual hot weather at night during summer periods. However, while some people naturally find it easy sleeping under the hot weather conditions of summer, others would not be so comfortable!

Yeah. Summer months are quickly approaching. You’ll find people trying their possible best to turn off the usual heat and crank up the air conditioning system. 

Let’s face reality, many people do not have the opportunity or can’t afford the luxury of purchasing an air conditioning system. And yes, these sets of people often resort to alternative methods to stay cool during these periods. 

If you are one of those who fall in this category, it is highly essential to be aware that there is still hope. And yes, there are some reliefs within your reach if you actually know where to focus on. 

For a good and quality night rest this summer, here are some quirky and creative ways to stay cool at least throughout the seemingly unbearable summer nights:


1. Use a Mattress Made for Body Cooling

The present-day mattresses are more than just fluffs and springs. These mattresses are designed and tailored towards the suitability of different categories of sleepers. There are some beds designed with breathable fabrics, mattresses that utilizes cooling technology. Indeed, for people who find it unbearable to sleep under hot conditions, these mattresses will offer you a more comfortable sleeping environment. 


2. Sleep like an Egyptian

This trick is exceptionally unique and equally effective when it comes to having a good night sleep during summer periods. If you have found a lot of writings referencing the Egyptians in the past, you’ll find out that the Nile-dwellers know how to do it in the right way. The Egyptian method of sleeping involves dampening a towel or sheet in cold water alongside with a blanket. It is advised that you lay the damp sheets over a dry towel so as to avoid soaking the mattress.  


3. Take a Warm Bath Before Bed 

You may find this counterintuitive, but a natural reduction in body temperature brings on sleep. This was reported by the National Sleep Foundation. Originally, taking a hot or warm water bath increases your body temperature. Apart from that, it also cools down the water on your skin by evaporation. And then, this sets up the stage for good night sleep. Schedule your warm or hot water bath to about 1 hour before bedtime. This will help reduce your body temperature. 


4. Invest in Quality Cotton Bed Linens

Yes, bed linens made with a 100 percent cotton is cooler than the ones made with polyester blend sheets. However, you’ll find some cotton sheets smoother and cooler than others as a result of the weaves or thread counts. Consider purchasing an entirely new sheet or get a thin cotton blanket as a replacement for the existing one. You might want to try out our Blux Bed Sheet


5. Try a Pillow made for Cooling 

Consider purchasing a mattress topper as it is less expensive compared to opting for an entirely new mattress. Mattress toppers offer you spongy layers on top of your bed directly below the mattress sheet or cover. 


6. Ceiling Fan

If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford a ceiling fan, there is no doubt that you are a bit ahead of the game. You can adjust the configuration of the fan blades so as to rotate counter-clockwise. With this, the hot airs will be pulled off far away from your sleeping area. 


7. Breathable Clothing

Naturally, the cloth you are putting on can influence your temperature throughout the night. When you put on breathable materials, you won’t find yourself trapped up in your blanket or cloth during the night. A loose, cotton-made t-shirt or short is usually a better option. 


Wondering what else is required to have a good and quality night sleep during the summertime? Good beddings!

At Waikite, we have super luxurious materials that will aid your quality night sleep, especially during the summer months. With our pillows and other beddings, you’ll sleep comfortably this summer. Just visit our store to explore what we have on offer and order right away!

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