7 Interesting Facts About Pillows

When you think about pillows, the first thing you imagine is comfortable sleep. Pillows have always been in association with comfortable sleep and rest. You may think these are ordinary objects that we use daily. However, pillows have a fascinating history. There are a lot of interesting facts about pillows that which amuse you!

Here are our top 7 favourite interesting facts about our beloved pillows.


1. The first pillows were extremely hard.

The first pillows were used way back during the 7000 B.C.E in Ancient Mesopotamia. Unlike today’s luxury pillows, these old pillows are extremely hard. Can you believe that they used to make pillows out of stone? Also, pillows were used only by wealthy people at that time. More the stone pillows you own, higher you ranked in the society!

Similarly, ancient Egyptians who are wealthy used to use stone pillows to give a raise to their heads while sleeping, to prevent insects from crawling in their nose and ears. One of the fascinating, interesting facts belongs to ancient China. People there believed that softer pillows could suck out the energy of a person while sleeping, so they used to make pillows out of stone, ceramic and wood especially!


2. Pillows only became a favourite household item during the Industrial Revolution.

During the middle ages, only women who were in labor used to use pillows, in England. These cushions were perceived as a sign of weakness and were rarely used by men.

These cushions only gained fame during the Industrial Revolution in the United States and Europe, when they went through mass production in textile factories. Because of this, pillows became cheaper, and most houses began to have pillows not just for sleeping purposes, but also as a part of the decoration.


3. There are different types of modern day pillows.

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials that today’s pillows are made of so categorizing them would be very difficult. However, these can be grouped into some basic categories.

Throw pillows are smaller in size to make additions on chairs or couches for decoration. One size bigger to throw, are the cushions for sitting purposes. Cylindrically shaped pillows are also known as bolsters and are used for hugging while one rests. Rectangular pillows, which are the most common ones, are used for sleeping and are also known as bed pillows.


4. Pillows are not just for sleeping.

Apparently, the primary job of a pillow is to provide a proper headrest while sleeping, but nowadays it has a lot of other functions! Pillows are now used as decorative items to bring in a new dimension to the house. Ornamental or embroidered pillows add accent to a room.

Today, we also have neck pillows that help us get comfortable during journeys on a bus or planes. There are also some pillows that are specifically designed to comfort pregnant women, so they can be at ease during all times of rest. There are also Luxury Pillows, which are anti-bacterial and odorless, like the Waikite Luxury Pillows. We make them from spiral synthetic fiber which is perfectly firm yet soft and will suit every person’s requirements, no matter what their sleeping position is!


5. Some pillows are good for your health.

This is one of the most interesting facts you can come across! Usually, pillows are meant to provide support to your neck, spine, and head while you sleep. However, some pillows offer more specifications in the form of health benefits. For example, there are herb-infused pillows, cooling pillows, and magnetic pillows!


6. Pillows have limited lifespans.

The lifespan of a pillow depends on the type of material used in it. Feather and down pillows last up to 5-10 years while polyester pillows need to replacement after around two years.


7. Your pillow might not be as clean as it appears.

Dust mites, bacteria, and microscopic insects love making homes in your pillows. In fact, old, heavily used pillows collect a lot of oil, dirt and dead skin cells over time which helps the bacteria breed.

You cannot see these germs with your naked eye and might ignore this fact, but it can cause many health issues and allergic reactions. So make sure you change your pillows at regular intervals. You can also buy the Waikite Luxury Pillows that are anti-bacterial in and odourless in nature.


Choosing the Right Pillow for You

When you buy a pillow for yourself, you have to consider the following factors.

  1. Comfort, which may vary from person to person
  2. Material which should provide hygiene and support at all times. Anti-bacterial pillows are the best ones
  3. Size, which changes on the sleeping pattern of an individual.

Aren’t these interesting facts simple amusing? So when you buy your pillows, consider all the factors and have a comfortable sleep. You can know more about finding the perfect pillow and why Waikite Pillows are the best by visiting our website!

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