6 Ways to Reduce Stress and Relax for Better Sleep

Have you ever caught yourself staring at the ceiling in anticipation of a well-rested sleep to arrive? Do not worry, it is the stress that accumulates at the end of the day that causes sleeplessness and fatigue throughout. A well-rested body and a well-rested mind is that powerful combination which shall change your life. It is only human to feel burdened due to stress but your body and mind need to unwind for the day. There are methods that can be adopted in order to reduce stress resulting in a good night’s sleep. Before bed time, you must be in a place where no work is bothering you, without any deadlines to meet. Even if you do, some methods can make you feel calmer in order to work on things the next morning. Here is a breakdown of 6 ways that can help reduce stress before bedtime:

Sip on Some Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is embedded with relaxing elements such as chamomile, lemon grass, holy basil, lavender or lemon balm. These ingredients help you kick start your sleep cycle and of course, you are relaxed and ready to be tugged in. Also, the process of making the tea is part of the healing process. The hot steam coming out of the tea itself refreshes your aura coupled with your favourite sofa, sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? 

Meditate to Sleep

Meditation has proven to be the most effective technique to tackle sleep problems. Contrary to the popular opinion, some believe that meditation if not done right can cause harm. Well, let us break this myth today. Meditation is an activity that one can perform anytime, anywhere. It is all about focusing on your breathing and gradually negating all thoughts and problems. All you require is a quite space and a few minutes of deep meditation to ease you out. The conventional way of meditating days ate over too. There are many applications on your google and apple stores that can really get you started. They have options to customize your experience by sweet melodies and calming music to help you throw all the stress away.

Read a Book or Magazine Before Lights Out

This is something book lovers always do. Not only them, reading something to sleep is one of the most tried and tested methods to help you forget about your stress and sleep. We know that your happy place will be you curled up in bed with your favourite book or magazine as opposed to watching something that overstimulates your mental thoughts. Surfing the internet, catching up on your unfinished shows will not be the right way to go about it. Reading, however has relaxing properties that can put your right off to sleep. 

Early Morning Walks

Physical activity has always been a great way to relieve your stress. It is often misunderstood that after a long day of work, it is better to rest. However, early morning walks can be a great way to burn stress. But do remember to maintain a gap between your walk and your bed time. Let the blood pumping in your body settle down, after which sleeping will become almost effortless. It better to have your vigorous exercise in the mornings or afternoons to avoid fatigue during the day. 

Pen Down Your Stress Stimulant’s

It is a common misnomer among people that writing down about your stress will actually lead to more stress. Well, it not so. Penning it down will actually help you face the trigger factors engaged in instilling stress in your life. By writing down the tasks you need to perform and responsibilities for the today, you can allow yourself to introspect and let go of negative thoughts. It is something like writing an email you never really send. It is just to pour out your fears in a piece of paper in order to acknowledge them and when you accept, half the stress is gone.

Develop a Regular Sleeping Routine

This is essentially the most important element to inculcate a good sleeping routine. Having an inconsistent bedtime can make it extremely difficult to fall asleep contributing to stress and anxiety. It is better to develop a routine, such as brushing your teeth and avoiding looking at the screen for long. 

These tips can help you enhance your sleeping experience and make you more productive and efficient. And with our super luxurious bedding products, we assure you a soundless night to push all the stress away. At Waikite, you will only get the very best there is. 

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