6 Tips for Those Who Sleep on Their Stomach

According to various reports, stomach sleepers are only about 16% of the United States population. That percentage might not seem to be high when you look at it for the first time. With an overall population of 7.6 billion, you could deduce that the population of stomach sleepers is still on the increase. When it comes to catching up with an excellent night rest, the tummy down approach is considered one of the ways to get the eyes to shut faster.

Let’s face the truth, does stomach sleeping appear as something to really worry about? The short answer is simple and straightforward. Definitely, yes.

Stomach sleepers are on an increased risk of both shoulder and back pains. This is due to the forward push of the spine out of its natural and neutral curve as a result of the forward facing position while sleeping on the stomach. Sleeping on your stomach is extremely detrimental to your health. Stomach sleepers are subject to unnecessary accumulation of pressure to their abdomen, hips, and neck while turning the head from one side to another. This could lead to the potential obstruction of the airways while also making it difficult to breathe smoothly throughout the night.

If you are an avid stomach sleeper, you might find it hard to break that habit. However, with a pillow perfectly constructed and designed for stomach sleepers and a few tips for a better night sleep, there is no doubt that you’ll be comfortable and safe each time you head to bed:


1. Keep Both Legs Equal and Flat

As a stomach sleeper, you tend to lay on your stomach at every time you need to sleep. Ensure that both legs are flat and equal. For instance, if you are lifting one of your legs and placing it on a pillow, it may lead to twisting of your spines. This could even result in more damage.


2. Align Yourself Before Falling Asleep

One of the great tips for stomach sleepers is to focus on the position of the body before falling asleep. If you have to sleep on your stomach, ensure that your hips are straight, spines aren’t twisted, back aren’t curved and your hands placed by your sides. Although this position could be considered perfect, it is even more ideal than getting your spines twisted or off-center.


3. Shop for Pillows Specifically for Stomach Sleepers

For people who sleep on their stomach, the best pillow recommended for them are the ones that contours to the body. With these kinds of pillows, the stress on the spines will be significantly relieved. For instance, the Belly Sleeper Pillows from our store are constructed and designed with many foams that support the body without having to push it up or out of alignment. These kinds of pillows help to contour your unique shape while also providing built-in spinal support. To learn more about these kinds of pillows, click here.


4. Prop Up Your Pelvis With a Pillow

Sleeping on your stomach will unknowingly push your pelvis down into the mattress. This uneven weight distribution could result in delivery of pressure to multiple areas of the body. Ensure that a pillow is fixed under your pelvis in order to help lift your spine while keeping the curve. This will soften out the pressure and help you sleep comfortably.


5. Put a Pillow On Your Forehead

If you are a stomach sleeper, one of the alternatives you can try out is to place a pillow on your forehead while lying down your face. This will help open the breathing passage while also alleviating your head. So, you won’t be compelled to turn your neck frequently from one side to another. Although you might not be comfortable with this method at first, it’s one of the great options to sleep on your belly comfortably without issues.


6. Need a Perfect Pillow for Stomach Sleepers? Shop With Us Today at Waikite

For stomach sleepers, the perfect pillows are the ones that aren’t too thick or tall. They won’t shift the spine out of alignment. These kinds of pillows are supportive enough to keep your head, neck, and spine properly in place.


So after knowing all these, do you also need a firm pillow? Not soft or squishy? A pillow that retains its size and shape even when subjected to pressure? Then we may have what you need. Explore the Waikite shop today to find the best suitable beddings for your bedroom and have that peaceful sleep you’ve always wanted!

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