5 Things That Help You Sleep Better

Over time, our lifestyle is getting busier and stressful. This is resulting in a decline of sleep quality and quantity. Most of the people now complain of getting inadequate sleep.

To keep yourself healthy, you need to exercise regularly, have a proper diet and also have a good night’s sleep always. Sleep is essential for keeping your brain and body active and healthy.

Research shows that poor sleep immediately affects you negatively on your hormones, brain functions, and exercise performance.  It can also cause weight gain in both adults and children, and increase the risk of catching diseases quickly.

When you sleep well, it helps you to be healthier by making you eat less and exercise more.

So if you want to optimize your sleep and throw away all your stress, like a baby, here are a few things that help you sleep better each night.

1. Lavender Fragrances

Research shows that herbal fragrances and especially lavender helps in reducing stress levels. It increases brain waves that suggest an increase in relaxation. Lavender fragrances create a calm and soothing environment which will help you fall asleep faster.

So invest in good lavender based water or oils. A few drops of it on your pillow will make sure your exhausted mind is calm before you doze off.

If you don’t like to sniff the fragrance from your pillows at all times, there are various other products made of lavender essence that can come to your rescue. You can get yourself a bunch of lavender essence-candles. These are things that help you sleep better and also create a romantic ambience. A fragrance diffuser is also one of the best options for you.


2. A Relaxing Bath

Another way to relax your body and mind before sleeping is to take a hot water bath. Having a relaxing shower is one of the best ways which will make you fall asleep in no time. Studies show that taking a hot bath will help to increase both, the quality and quantity of sleep, especially for the elderly.

However, if you are too tired or uninterested in taking a full bath each night, you can just bathe your feet in hot water. Research shows that it has the same effect as that of a full bath.


3. A Comfortable Pillow

Have you ever wondered why you get the best sleep in your stays at a hotel? Well, the reason is their quality of bedding arrangements. The quality of a pillow and bed can have a huge impact on your sleep. A good quality of mattress can reduce back and shoulder pain, thereby reducing body stiffness. Similarly, a pillow is also a central element of bed accessories. A right pillow can really help you sleep better. With a comfortable, luxurious pillow, you will never suffer from neck pain or shoulder cramps. This is why hotels have luxury pillows that universally suit every person’s requirement.

So, if you are wondering how you can get yourself a luxury pillow, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Waikite luxury pillows are made with allergen-free synthetic spiral fibre that has great plush support that pleases all. These are anti-bacterial and provide maximum comfort which is suitable for all people. So bring home a Waikite pillow and be assured to get good sleep.


4. Soothing Sound Machines

Sound machines create a white noise that helps you sleep better. It cuts off all the other types of sound-like vehicles passing by, noise in the area where you are sleeping, etc. It is a consistent sound that will make sure no other noise disturbs you that was probably the reason you would have woken up in the middle of your sleep. This is one of the best things that help you sleep better.

So invest in a good soothing sound machine, it is not very expensive to consider in the long run.


5. Sleep Masks

Lastly, sleep masks are one of the best ways to ensure that you sleep well. Even though you sleep with your eyes shut, the light that is present around you makes a huge impact on your mind. The light reflects on the eyes, disturbing the quality of sleep. Eye masks cut off all sources of light and maintain uniform darkness that will not disturb your eyes, in turn, leading to undisturbed sleep. When your brain will sense pure darkness, it will produce melatonin, the chemical of sleep. So get yourself a nice little soft sleep mask!


Now that you know the tricks and things that help you sleep better, start investing in them today. Good night!

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