5 Signs it’s Time to Start Shopping for a New Mattress

It’s a fact that people tend to spend most of their relaxing time on the bed. Obviously, because it is a source of comfort and relief. A goodnight’s sleep matters a lot because it presents a refreshing and re-energizing effect and at an equivalent time improves the ability to concentrate during the day. Additionally, it also helps to avoid numerous chronic health ailments.


Each mattress presents a different lifespan depending on the fabric used, usage, and the type of manufacturer. The typical lifespan of a mattress is about 8 to 10 years or sometimes even longer. But, sleeping on a wiped-out mattress can offer detrimental consequences. Thus, if you ever wonder why your back hurts or why there is a throbbing pain in your neck, it is probably your mattress and an indication that you need to purchase a new one.


For your convenience, we have detailed 5 Signs when it’s time to start shopping for a New Mattress: 

You Wake up With Pain or Soreness

If you wake up with pain or ache in your neck or shoulder, but it’s gone by mid morning or afternoon, it may be time for a new mattress as it may be the one causing you that pain. It is also important to use the right kind of pillows to avoid neck and shoulder stiffness.


Your Mattress Has Worn or Frayed Edges and Appears Old

Mattresses are built to last long, where worn-out edges are a transparent sign that your mattress is well past the typical lifespan of 10 years. So, you must routinely observe the sides of your mattress and decide whether it’s time to shop for a replacement mattress or not. 


You Sleep Better Far Away from Your Bed

If you discover yourself sleeping better on the couch than your own bed, then it’s definitely time to change that old mattress on the bed. You must fetch quality sleep on your own bed, on your own mattress, since that’s where you spend the majority of your sleeping hours. 


You’re Tired All the Time

If you wake up still tired after a full night’s sleep or are frequently awake throughout the night, it’s definitely a sign that you simply should consider getting yourself a new mattress.


Your Mattress Is Sagging and Lumpy

If your mattress shows visible signs of despair like for instance sagging at the middle or corners, asymmetrical big or small lumps, then that an absolute sign to fetch a replacement mattress.


Your body changes over time and as you age, where you would like more comfort and better support. Thus, if you discover any of these above mentioned signs, it’s definitely time to go purchase a replacement mattress. This is where we at Waikite come into the picture. We at Waikite make sure to supply far better and healthy mattresses for your wellness. Allow our fine craftsmanship to bring an amazing change in your lives. We combine luxury with traditional materials into all our bedding products.

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