5 Proven Remedies For Stiff Neck

It is a common issue to wake up with a stiff neck or neck pain. In fact, studies show that 13% of adults in America suffer from stiff neck and neck pain. It typically arises from tension in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A strenuous routine or the wrong sleeping position can result in stiff necks, uneasiness, and discomfort.

For dealing with these issues, you can change a few daily habits and take some extra care. Here we have compiled five ways through which you can get rid of the irritating stiff neck.


1. Sleep on your back.

Sleeping on your back is the best position for the comfort of your spine. Some people having neck problems find that it helps when they sleep on their back and take a pillow under each arm. The pillow supports each arm and reduces the stress on the neck. Also, it is helpful for the people having spinal arthritis or stenosis. You also need to make sure that your pillow is not too thick. A perfect pillow is usually 4 to 6 inches thick, depending on the density and the material of the pillow. It helps in preventing your head and neck from bending unnaturally to other side and causing discomfort.

In short, if your pillow is not comfortable, then it is not a good “fit”!


2. Exercise and stretch your neck.

Build and maintain strong neck muscles by doing short sets of strengthening and stretching neck exercises throughout the day. One of the easiest activities you can do is the chin tuck exercise. It helps in increasing the strength in muscles which pull the head into alignment over the shoulders. It also strengthens the scalene and suboccipital muscles.


3. Stay well hydrated.

One may think that this is a strange way, but it is useful in preventing a stiff neck. Drinking lots of water nourishes and hydrates the discs that are the spongy structures between the vertebrae in the neck. These discs have high water content, so consuming more water keeps them pliable and healthy. Try and drink at least eight large glasses of water a day to stay away from pain and soarness in the neck.


4. Carry the weights evenly.

Many people carry weight only on one side. This uneven distribution of the weight results in creating pain in your shoulders and straining your neck muscles. So first, try to lighten your load by carrying only essential things in your purse or briefcase, or lift any weight evenly.


5. Try a new pillow.

You may also consider curing the stiff neck by providing more comfort and support to your neck during your sleep. To start, it is best to replace the old uncomfortable pillow with a new one which keeps your cervical spine in a right and neutral alignment.

Neck pain decreases when you lie down on your back and have your head supported by a relatively flat but soft pillow.  It is also recommended to sit in a recliner, or in an adjustable bed with a pillow for perfect neck support.


Now that you know about the pain and uneasiness which arise from the stiff neck and how your perfect pillow can help you to deal with them, we at Waikite offer you just the perfect solution- an ideal luxury pillow. It is anti-bacterial and suitable for everybody.

Go through our collection and bring one you for a good night and a morning without a stiff neck!

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