5 Different Types Of Pillows And How They Help Prevent Sleep Problems

Are you finding yourself tossing and turning in your bed without getting enough sleep? And waking up in a lousy mood?

Yes, we all know how it feels like to have a sleepless night and experience it a few times a year. However, if it is a regular occurrence for you, it is time to think seriously on this!

Also, if you are going through pregnancy, or suffering from some body aches or muscle strains, then it is a must that you give extra attention on your rest. Proper rest for an appropriate time is a must in such situations. If you do not get adequate sleep, you are likely to suffer from restlessness, drowsiness, and weakness. Many doctors too recommend enough sleep and proper sleep for maintaining long-term wellbeing.

Often, we take things like a perfect bed or perfect mattresses and pillows for granted. However, that may not always be enough. People are different and need different things for comfort. Some may need extra support for the neck, some may need it for the back, and there are some who need cradle-like pillows for getting the right body alignment.

Here we will try to elaborate on the five types of pillows which you can use to prevent sleep problems!


Contour Pillows

Contour pillows are especially helpful for those who sleep on their back or sides. The central area of the pillows curves downwards and cradles the neck. This provides support to your head and prevents stiff neck and body pain.

These are the memory foam pillows which keep the airways open and help to lessen snoring as well. Use them, and you will observe that there is a change in the quality of your sleep every day.


Siberian Surround Pillows

Surround Pillows are made up of the soft feathers and are also durable. You can breathe better and reduce the amount of sweat while you sleep. The pillows contain the Siberian goose feather, small duck feather and new white duck down, which ensure that are comforted and can get a relaxing sleep at night.

The softness and comfort will make you sink in your dreams and wake up to a fresh day.


Latex Mold Pillows

The latex mold pillows are the best for maintaining proper alignment and supporting your head and neck. The latex pillows provide you with a firm and comfortable place to rest your head comfortably and maintain a right alignement.

These types of pillows are great for front sleepers and come with the temperature-sensitive material. They are also good for the side sleepers.


Body Pillows

Body pillows are suitable for everyone. You can improve the hip, leg and back alignment and the wedge support in bed.

These pillows are large sized and make you sink in completely. You can twist and turn however you want and still have support with this cradle like a pillow.

Unlike the neck pillows, body pillows are ideal for pregnant women or for the ones who are suffering from aches and pain all over the body. They are fluffy foam cradles which surround you and make you sleep peacefully as a child.


Luxury Pillows

The best of all types are luxury pillows. They come with premium quality and are carefully crafted to fulfil your comfort needs. They are anti-bacterial and have amazing cooling properties.

The material and the feel of these pillows are soothing and provide excellent support for the entire body and posture. The luxury pillows also have an elegant look which compliments any decor.
They enhance the look of your bedroom and above all help you to fall asleep with peace and utmost relaxation.


Waikite brings you the range of best luxury pillows for a calm and contented sleep. These fluffy pillows come with perfect support to your neck and body. They are anti-bacterial and come with the amazing cooling material.

Bring home a luxury pillow today and be ready for a nice, long and comfortable sleep!

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