Pillow Secrets to Sleeping like in a 5 – Star Luxury Hotel But In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

People will usually take enough time to look for an appropriate mattress and bedding in order to have a comfortable sleep. However, when it comes to finding the best pillow to match, the same care and effort is not applied. Nevertheless, you need the right pillow in addition to a comfortable mattress and bed sheet if you want to have a good night’s sleep. You want your head to be positioned perfectly and you want to stay comfortable throughout the night and wake up without any feeling of pain in your neck and back.


Choosing the right pillow

In choosing the right pillow that will make you sleep like you are in a 5 – star luxury hotel but right in the comfort of your home, it is both a matter of art and science. In other words, while your aesthetic need in terms of your personal preferences is important, other factors such as the way you sleep are much more important and must be taken into consideration. The following are some of issues or factors you need to consider that will guide you in making the right choice:


1. Your Sleeping Position

The position you engage when you go to sleep should determine the pillow you choose. If you are not sure your usual sleep position, just take note of the position you find yourself when you wake up in a few mornings.

Side Position: If you a side sleeper, there are best pillows for side sleepers. You need to align your spine to stay horizontal and the right pillow will help you do that. The right pillow for a side-sleeper will align your head and neck with your spine, making your weight to be evenly distributed.

Stomach Position: A flat and soft pillow is a necessity for stomach-sleepers. This will enable your head and neck to be properly and firmly positioned, without moving abnormally either to the left or to the right side.

Back Position: As a back-sleeper, what you need is a neck pillow that gives support to the upper part of your spine. This amounts to getting a pillow structured to adapt to the shape of your head, neck, shoulders, and spine.


2. Firmness

In order to find the right pillow firmness, you have to keep on testing until you are able to get the one that seems just right. You must also be aware of the fact that pillows get loose over time. Whenever you fold your pillow into two halves and it fails to revert to its original shape, then your pillow is probably due for replacement.

There are Extra Soft, Medium and Extra Firm pillows.  An extra soft pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers.  It will minimize pressure along your spine by properly aligning your head and neck with your spine. Medium support pillows provide much support while firm pillows allow for maximum support. Firm pillows are good for side-sleepers who need proper alignment maintenance.


Waikite Pillows

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