4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are undeniably essential components of a comfortable trip. Whether you are traveling by road or simply boarding a flight, you’ll find them helpful in catching some sleep in otherwise awkward positions.

However, with a plethora of travel pillows available in the market, no doubt finding the perfect one for you might be a challenging task. It is true that not all travel pillows are manufactured and designed equally. There are numerous different designs created to suit the needs and wants as a prospective traveler. You need to know that travel pillows come in various sizes, shapes weights, and fillings.

With a wide range of things to consider when selecting a travel pillow, we’ve gathered five irresistible tips to help you find a perfect pillow for you:


1. Neck Support

Have you ever wondered about your sleeping patterns while on a flight? Could you flashback to whether you always lean backward or forward? Have you ever woken up in a car or flight while travel to discover that you have neck aches?

When it comes to selecting a perfect pillow, one of the critical things to put into consideration is your neck support. A memory foam or inflatable pillow is ideal enough to support your neck while sleeping on a journey. If you intend to lean forward while sleeping during travels, you can opt for neck braces. They’ll provide you with the exact support you need.

Before you purchase a travel pillow, consider your mode of sleep. This will help you determine the type of pillow that will offer you the best neck support for your neck positions while sleeping during travels.


2. Size and Weight

When it comes to travel pillows, they come in a range of weights and sizes. So, it is highly essential to opt for the ones that will perfectly align with your travel style. If you want to travel light, you can opt for small, lightweight pillows. Memory pillows, as well as inflatable ones, are also ideal for your light travel as you size them down.  

However, microbead pillows could turn out being bulky. So, it is highly essential that you ensure sufficient space in your carryon if you decide to opt for such pillows. Anyways, most travel pillows are made light, but the size and weight should still be an essential factor in determining the perfect pillow for you.


3. Durability 

Durability is also one of the essential factors of selecting a perfect travel pillow, specifically if you are a frequent traveler. This implies that you won’t be required to purchase a new pillow each time you are traveling. There are numerous cost points available in the market. So, it is crucial to opt for the ones with durability and value for money. If you are the type that travels frequently, it will amount to a better investment to spend more on one that won’t require constant replacement.

Ideally, you can also opt for pillows with washable zip covers. Obviously, ensure that you read the reviews of various pillows carefully online before you finally select one.


4. Fabric 

Many travelers overlook fabric when it comes to selecting a neck pillow. However, you need to be aware that fabric is also a critical factor to put into consideration when shopping for a travel pillow. Generally, the fabric of a pillow will help you determine its comfortability. Many travelers opt for the plastic inflatable pillows that irritate the skin. So, it is highly advisable to opt for a travel pillow with a fabric that will bring about comfort even while in hot weather seasons.

Consider situations where your trips take you into extreme cold or hot climates. Ideally, pillows made of cotton and smooth plastic are perfect for hot climates while the ones made of fleece are perfect for cold climates.

However, if you are traveling on winter adventures, or you are traveling in a chilly flight, travel pillows made of fleece are the perfect options for you.


Now that you have read through the tips for selecting a perfect travel pillow for you, it’s time to shop for the best travel pillows that incorporate value for money. And that’s where Waikite comes into the picture. Our inventory of pillows has a wide variety of pillows for different purposes. And our prices are also affordable. So check out our shop and get one for you today!

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