4 Interesting Facts About the Bed You Sleep In

Like many other people, you spend a quality part of your lifetime sleeping than engaging in any other single activity. According to credible research evidence, an average of 8 hours daily sleep amounts to 25 years or 9,125 days of sleep if probably you lived for 75 years. Yeah. It’s indeed a whole lot of time to spend on a spot.


If you are one of those who do not change the bedspread as often as required, you are willingly putting yourself at an increased risk of various health problems. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the interesting facts you didn’t know about the bed you sleep in.


1. Not Changing Your Bed Sheets ExposeYou to an Endless List of Nasty Bacteria

In the reports of a recent study conducted on the conditions of bed sheets over the course of one month period at the Department of Biology, University of Seville, it was discovered that not changing a bed sheet for one month usually attracts a whole lot of dangerous bacteria.

These activities of these bacterias could result in numerous health diseases. Some of the bacteria include cellulitis, actinomyces, Bacteroides, Neisserial, Fusobacteriales, and several other families of bacteria. If you only examine one family of bacteria such as the Bacteroides, you’ll find an endless list of associated diseases and illnesses.

For instance, cellulitis, appendicitis, pneumonia are diseases and infections are caused by a family of bacteria known as Bacteroides. More so, fusobacterium has been linked with some illnesses such as Lemierre’s syndrome, skin ulcer, and so forth.

Ultimately, the longer you leave your bedspreads unwashed or un-replaced, the higher chances of attracting these nasty bacteria.


2. Your Bed Maybe The Cause of Your Bad Sleep

Have you ever thought of any recommended time for replacement of your bed sheet and pajamas?

According to various research studies, most researchers have concluded that bedsheets and pajamas should be changed almost every week. Considering the link that exists between good night sleep and our overall well-being, experts have recommended that it is wise to put proper measures in remaining hygienic.

Apart from infections, a build-up of sweat, as well as dried skin flakes, could result in skin irritation. Whenever you battle with itchy or irritable skin for an extended period, you tend to remain up and awake for longer hours throughout the night. Thus, resulting in poor sleep quality. For many, good and quality sleep is a crucial factor when it comes to maintaining healthy well-being and improving the quality of lives.


3. Many of Us Take a Month to Wash Our Bed Sheets.

How often should you wash or replace your bed sheet?

Usually, you may not find a positive response to that question. However, a recent survey reveals that about 28% of us tends to wash our bed sheet every week, and 24% are of the opinion that the bed sheet could be left for three weeks before washing.

However, for many, this should not be an issue. From the analysis of the survey, it could be concluded that about 51% are of the opinion that the bed sheet should remain hygienic for about 2-3 weeks and another 22% felt that the bed sheet could still remain as fresh as possible for about 4-5 weeks.

If you had the opportunity to visit a scientific laboratory and see how an average bed sheet used to be, you’d discover the essence of remaining hygienic at all times.


4. Some of Us Exhibit Similar Habits with Our Pajamas

Let’s face reality… Not only your bed sheet harbors bacteria. Yes, your pajamas too. Many of us do not maintain similar hygienic standards for our pajamas as we do for all other clothing items. And yes, it could also result in a similar build-up of unpleasant bacteria.

When it comes to washing our night wears or making them remain hygienic, survey data has so many things to say. Survey data reveals that men are fond of waiting for an average of 13 nights before they could throw their pajamas in the wash.

Even, women tend to wait an average of 17 nights before thinking of washing their pajamas. For some of us, the test of smell we perceive from our pajamas seems to suffice. The survey further explains that an average of 41% males and 30% of females still feels that if their pajamas didn’t smell, they’d like to keep wearing them.

 There you have it! Perhaps a few of the interesting facts you need to know about the bed you sleep in. However, becoming more energetic, creative, and positive in life requires a good and quality night sleep. You need to pay more attention to giving your career a healthy boost and cleaning your bed sheet as well as your pajamas every week.  

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