11 Tips To Avoid Sleepiness In Office

Sleep soothes your body and the soul.  A number of studies have shown that getting enough sleep has a number of great benefits and is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, dozing off during your working hours may take a toll on your quality of work.

If you are one of those professionals who often experience sleepiness in office hours, then here are some tips for you to stay awake and fresh at your workplace. 


1. Have a proper breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you need to avoid skipping it. Eat healthy and nutritious food for breakfast and carry out with your day with amazing energy. You can start your work with endurance and energy by eating foods which are rich in protein and carbohydrates. If you report to the office without something to fill your stomach then that will weaken your body and will also result in sleepiness and poor performance.


2. Do a bit of stretching. 

Sitting all day is not at all a healthy habit, it can result in a lot of problems and also drowsiness. So in case, you feel that you have been seated for a too long period of time, then take a small break from your routine and do some stretching or small movements. Simple hands and legs stretching would also be a great help to drive the sleepiness that you are experiencing. You can also consider taking a short walk from your desk. Moving your body will boost your energy and make sure that you stay awake all the time.


3. Drink coffee at the breaks. 

Nothing beats sleepiness more than coffee! The amazing aroma of coffee wakes up your senses and the piping  hot cup will make your day. Coffee has caffeine which stimulates you and makes you feel fresh and awake. Just keep track of the number of how many cups you drink, because too much is also not healthy!


4. Drink lots of coffee. 

Never underestimate the power of a humble glass of water. It is not only known for health benefits but will also help to ease the drowsy feeling during office hours. Drinking enough amount of water every day will flush out your drowsiness. Also try squeezing fresh fruit, like orange or lemon into your glass if you find plain water too tasteless. This is an easy tip which will make you feel awake and active all day long. 


5. Listen to lively music. 

For those who enjoy music, listening to upbeat melodies can be a great idea.  However, before you plug in, check your office policies. If listening to music is allowed at work, then play on! Also, choose lively beats to make you feel more alive. 


6. Take out some time for meditation. 

The common benefit of meditation is making you feel relaxed. But you could also choose a few minutes of meditation which will help you to stay awake. Sitting in a straight position and making sure that your breathing is not compromised is the right way to meditate and prevent sleepiness. You can also listen to audio meditations with earphones to assist you.


7. Eat lighter lunch and snacks. 

Be aware of what you are eating and how much you consume during lunch. There are foods which will make you feel sleepy. Also, overeating at lunch can make you feel sleepy and grumpy at work.  So once you feel full, stop eating and do not force yourself to eat much more than necessary. 


8. Recharge your brain. 

If your current assignment is boring then that will surely make you feel sleepy. So try changing task. Do not keep working on the task which is unexciting. Instead, try something else which stimulates you and encourages you to work ahead, Also use the energy and time where your brain can cooperate with you in staying awake. 


9. Recharge your body. 

Feeling sleepy is the way your body tells you to slow down and take a break, So instead of struggling to keep yourself awake, take some rest if such facilities are available at your workplace. You should surely enjoy the magic of a power nap. You will notice that you feel a lot more energetic and powerful after finishing the nap. 


10. Breath some fresh air. 

Breathing some fresh air is another way to get rid of that drowsiness in your body. Take a walk outside to inhale some fresh air and increase your alertness. Also, you will achieve better blood circulation which will stimulate your body to function at its best.


11. Get enough sleep at night. 

One of the culprits of sleepiness during work time is not having enough sleep at night.  To avoid having heavy eyes during the day time, you should have enough sleep at night. An average adult needs about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to perform the best during the day. So to treat your frequent sleepiness, you need to get enough sleep at the night time. 


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