10 Steps To Sleeping Comfortably During Pregnancy

We understand those crazy cravings and how much the baby is hungry, but it is advised not to eat anything two hours before sleeping. This could cause heartburn and make you uncomfortable while you sleep. So you might wake up at intervals, disturbing a healthy and regular sleeping pattern.

2. Move To The Side

You should try and sleep on your side as much as possible. It will reduce the pressure on your uterus and help in better breathing. This position also relieves back pain. According to the American Pregnancy Association, sleeping on your left side will help in increasing quantity of nutrients and blood that flow to your baby. You can also take a pillow on your side to support your leg for a comfortable sleep.

3. Prop Your Body

Get a firm pillow and prop up your head and body through it, just a few inches higher. This position will allow the gravity to put less pressure on your diaphragm which helps you in easy breathing. You can use the Waikite Luxury Pillows; these are perfect for you at all times. These are anti-bacterial, odorless cooling pillows that provide a good sleep at all times. These pillows are made to support your stomach which will get you a better quality of relaxing sleep.

4. Quit Tossing And Turning

This may seem contradictory, but if you cannot sleep, don’t lie in bed or keep tossing and turning every few minutes. Instead, get up and do something that will bore you in a few minutes. Fold the laundry, read a book, listening to soothing songs, do anything that will put your mind in the snooze mode. Once you start feeling bored or tired or relaxed, go back to bed. You will doze off within a few minutes in a peaceful sleep.

5. Make Your Bed Comfortable

This is the most important thing you have to look at. A comfortable bedding arrangement is a key to a good night’s rest. During pregnancy, your spine feels more pressure than you usually would feel, get yourself different sized pillows and arrange them in comfortable positions. Waikite Luxury Pillows are the best options for you. These are made of spiral synthetic fiber that is perfectly firm and soft. These pillows are made to suit every person’s requirements, no matter what their sleeping position is. Also make sure that your mattress is firm, going for a softer one will not support your spine, leading to back problems.

6. Keep Naps Short And Sweet

If you have time for naps during the day, go for them! However, make sure you do not sleep for more than 30 minutes. When you sleep for a longer time, you enter deep sleep and find it difficult to wake up. This can also lead to improper sleeping patterns since you cannot fall asleep at night due to deep sleep during day naps. This can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle which is not good for you during pregnancy.

7. Turn Down The Temperature

During pregnancy, your body has increased heat, and you might feel hot all the time. Also, if your room is compact and cozy, you might have trouble while sleeping due to increase in body temperature. So cool down your room via the AC/Fan/Cooler and find the temperature that suits you the most. There is no ideal temperature for pregnancy sleep. Experiment and find the correct one that makes you most comfortable.

8. Unplug Well Before Bedtime

A few minutes before sleeping, keep yourself away from external stimulation like books, phones, TV or any source of noise or light. Also stay away from late night office work, staying on the laptop before sleeping will strain your eyes, leaving your body disturbed. Avoid late night parties and intake of liquor.

9. Keep The Bed For Sleep And Sex Only

Do not do any work on the bed like making presentations or responding to emails or other household chores like folding laundry or even reading a book. You need to train your mind that the bed is for resting and sleeping. Otherwise, you will become lazy and keep away from comfortable sleep since you are sitting on the bed at all times.

10. Turn Off The Lights

When you prepare yourself for a good sleep at night, turn off all the lights. If you have a clock that has a bright light, take it off. Don’t let your tablets/smartphones beep with light. Any artificial light source can disturb you and mess up the sleeping cycle.


So take excellent care of yourself and ensure you and your baby are healthy and happy. To know more about Waikite Luxury Pillows, visit our website.

Happy Pregnancy!

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