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There have been several studies since years which have proposed links between one’s sleeping position and personality. The most common sleep positions fetal, stomach, log, starfish, soldier, and yearner. Did you know that each of these sleeping positions defines particular characteristics of your personality?

This blog tells you the link between your sleeping positions and your personality traits. So get ready for some surprising revelations!


Side Sleeping Position

People who sleep like a log on one side with arms straight down to the side are considered people who are easy-going, reliable, but they also are inflexible about their thoughts.


Yearner Sleep Position

Yearner position is when one sleeps on a side with their arms straight out. Such people tend to be open-minded and enthusiastic, may be cynical, suspicious, stubborn and quick to give up.

However, if you sleep in this position, you may wake up with soreness or stiffness. You sure need a pillow which supports your neck and keeps your spine aligned.


Fetal Sleep Position

Many people; especially women sleep in a fetal position with knees pulled towards the chest. In this position, you tend to get comfort from back and foot pain at the end of the day.

The people who sleep in this position are usually the ones with a tough exterior and soft heart.  They are shy but warm, conscientious, organized and ready to handle any situation. If you are also used to sleep like a fetus in the womb, then consider placing a soft pillow between the knees for some extra comfort.


Stomach Sleeper Position

Stomach sleepers are usually known as free-fallers. They hold onto their pillows with arms to the side. The personality traits with stomach sleepers are outgoing, hasty, and occasionally nervous.

However, this sleeping position can increase back and neck pain.  So if you sleep on your stomach, your pillow should be thin and soft in order to keep the neck in a natural position.


Soldier/Back Sleeper Position

Soldier sleepers lie on their backs with their arms cuddled near their bodies and down to the side. This position can also lead to problems like snoring or unrest while sleeping. However, this position is considered to be the best for relieving pain. The personality traits of people sleeping in this position are that they are ambitious and passionate, they perform to a higher standard and are usually quiet and reserved.

If you sleep in this position, you should either use a thin pillow below their knees or rest your head on a contour pillow and sleep on a firm mattress.


Starfish Sleeper Position

The starfish sleepers lie on their back with arms raised up near their head. This position too leads to increased snoring and unrest. Personality traits of starfish sleepers include good listening skills, helpfulness. They also do not always like to be in a limelight. If you like sleeping like a starfish, then you should also place a thin pillow under their knees for additional comfort.


Match Your Pillows to Your Sleep Position

The position you sleep in should decide your choice of pillows. Each sleeping position creates pressure points in different parts and also affect the spinal alignment differently. So here are some suggestions about what kind of pillow is right for you according to your sleeping position.

  • Stomach sleepers– People who sleep on their stomach should use a soft and thinner pillow. Such pillows can provide comfort and relief without allowing the head to sink in and cause stress on the neck.
  • Back sleepers– Medium-firm pillows can be ideal for back sleepers. They allow the spine to sit naturally and prevent stress.
  • Side sleepers– In order to maintain proper spinal alignment, the side sleepers will need soft and fluffy pillows. They can allow the hips and shoulders to sink in and relax. A plush pillow is ideal for such support.
  • Indefinite position– People who do not have a particular sleeping position, should use a medium fluffy pillow which is suitable for all sleeping positions.


So, was it interesting to know about the personality traits based on sleeping positions? Remember that whichever your sleeping position be, you should always use the pillow which is right for you.

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