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Waikite Mattress Quilt Pad
Waikite Mattress Quilt Pad
Waikite Mattress Quilt Pad

Waikite Mattress Quilt Pad

Are you worried / tired of that smell and stain on your mattress?

Worry no more - Meet our international 5-star 3D foaming anti-skid & Non-slip technology washable mattress quilt pad.

As you know, we put great value in 100% Natural Cotton in all of our products. Our Five-star 3D foaming anti-skid non-slip washable mattress quilt pad is no different from our other products because Natural Cotton is best for your skin, no chemical smell, breathable, anti-bacterial, direct machine washable, luxurious, firm & self-adjustable for your own sleeping preference.

Our mattress quilt pad is carefully design putting spring back effect, easy to take anywhere, and safe to use into consideration to let you enjoy five-star sleep at home and anywhere.

Get it now!

  1. Upto 80% OFF
  2. Free Shipping within Singapore. 
  3. Height specification: 3cm and it doesn’t sink in.
  4. Applicable bed size: Comes in various sizes
  5. Ships worldwide

P.S: This is Presales - Shipping comes in 2-4 weeks after your order is placed.