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Sleep Problems? 10 Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally

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According to a study, more than one-third of adults sleep less than six hours every night. This is a bad news because your sleep range affects your heart health and the stress levels. It also affects your memory and weight loss. So if you are unable to fall asleep naturally, you must certainly not ignore the problem.

You should immediately stop loading yourself with caffeine or sneaking naps. Also, consider using these 10 smart tips which will help you fall asleep naturally.


1. Develop a defined sleep routine.

It may seem a lot tempting till afternoon on the relaxed Saturdays will only disturb your biological clock and cause sleep problems. Instead, if you go to bed at the same time in the night, even on the weekdays, weekends, or holidays; then it will help to establish and regularise your internal sleep/wake clock and reduce the amount of time required to fall asleep naturally.


2. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Researchers of Neurobiology and Physiology have reported that sedentary adults who did aerobic exercise four times a week experienced a better quality of sleep and needed lesser time to fall asleep. These former non-active individuals also reported fewer depressive symptoms, more vitality, and less sleepiness in the daytime. But, be sure that you wrap up the workout session some hours before the bedtime so that you easily fall asleep naturally.


3. Make your diet healthier.

Avoid food and drinks which have caffeine like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. Remember that your dinner should be your shortest meal and you should have your dinner a few hours before your bedtime. Also, skip the spicy or heavy foods, which keep you awake due to heartburn or indigestion.


4. Skip smoking.

According to a study, smokers are four times likely to not feel exhausted after a full night’s sleep in comparison to the non-smokers. Researchers also state that this is the stimulative effect of nicotine. Smoking also worsens sleep apnea and breathing disorders like asthma, which can make it problematic to get restful sleep.


5. Do not consume alcohol in the night.

Alcohol disturbs the sleep patterns and brainwaves which help you feel refreshed in the morning. Although a martini may help you to doze off initially, after it wears off, you are likely to wake up in the middle f night and then face difficulty to fall asleep naturally.


6. Do not indulge in digital activities before an hour of sleep.

A survey has found that nearly all participants who used electronics, like television, computer, video game, or cell phone, within the last hour before going to bed faced difficulty to fall asleep naturally. The light from these devices stimulates the brain and makes it harder to wind down. So put your gadgets away an hour before bedtime in order to fall asleep naturally and wake up with a fresh mind.


7. Keep your pets away from your bed.

According to a study, about 53 percent of pet owners who sleep with their pets, experience disturbance in sleep or cannot fall asleep naturally.  Also, more than  Dogs and cats can be some of the biggest bed hogs as they consume a lot of your sleeping space. So it is best if your pets out of your bed.


8. Maintain the right temperature.

Eighty degrees temperature can be great for the beaches, but it is quite lousy for the bedroom in the night. A temperate room is more conducive to sleeping than a tropical one. It is recommended that the perfect temperature of the room in which sleep should be around  65 degrees Fahrenheit. So you should strike the balance between thermostat, the bed covers, and your sleepwear as this will reduce your core body temperature and help you fall asleep naturally.


9. Fix deem lights in your bedroom.

The light tells you that it is time to wake up or sleep. So, it is best if you use deem lights in your bedroom in order to induce sleep.  Do not let the ambient lights from your cell phone or computer disrupt your sleep.


10. Use your bed for sleeping and make it utmost comfortable.

Your bed should be only be associated with sleeping, and not working, eating, or watching TV. Also, while choosing beddings, choose them carefully. Your mattresses, sheets, and pillows should be clean, and comfortable to help you fall asleep naturally.


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