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How To Beat Summertime's 8 Most Common Sleep Problems

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Tossing and turning sleeplessly on warm sheets in the midst of summer nights is the worse than any of your nightmares. That feeling of discomfort and uneasiness will surely to rob you of night sleep.

Remember that your body temperature reduces about half a degree in the night, as it is a natural process. So, a cool environment is necessary to match the reduction in temperature. But in summers, days get hotter and nights get warmer.

So, to help you out, here we have enlisted a few sleeping problems and their solutions.


 1. Increased Heat in The Bedroom

During summer, your bedrooms become congested and hot. It might also get warm and humid due to closed drapes and windows. Even the bed is warm and gluey. So the best thing you can do is to keep the fans or air conditioner on some time before the sleep. This will make the room cold and more refreshing till the time you enter.  At night, you can also keep the drapes open to let the natural breezes blow in and make the room fresher.


 2. Gluey and Dusty Bedding

Humidity levels are on a rise during summer. A humid room causes sweat to collect on your skin, making you feel sticky all day and night. You can fight this feeling with help of a  dehumidifier which can squeeze the moisture out from the air. You can also have a bath with lukewarm water before going to bed.  When you get out of the bath and your body temperature is higher than the temperature of the room, then your body will naturally experience a dip in the surrounding temperature.


 3. Bed Feels Like Oven

In summers, you struggle for the bed which feels cushiony and so cool instead of hot. For this, you can choose a mattress which uses a cooling technology.  Such mattresses also offer optimum support and respond to your body’s movements by distributing the bodily pressure evenly. You can look out for a number of alternatives of mattresses according to your needs and requirements.


 4. Can’t Keep Your Head Cool

People who are unable to keep their heads cool are advised to wear a cooling brain cap for better sleep. This is believed to slow down the metabolism in the front of the brain which otherwise is overactive and keeps you away from dozing off early.


 5. Uncomfortable and Sticky Sheets

On summer nights, you have to deal with messy and sweaty sheets which are not at all pleasant.  They’re sticky and much uncomfortable. The easiest way to be comfortable in spite of this feeling is to wear the lightweight pajamas made of natural fibres. You can also make it a habit to keep changing the sheets every day before you sleep.


 6. Long Vacation Lags.

In summer, most of the people will have beach holidays and trips out of the country. Remember that holidays too can be physically and mentally draining due to all the planning, driving, and walking. You can make your re-entry to your normal life by sticking to your routines and usual schedules. You can also use essential oils to make you sleep faster.


 7.  Too Much Alcohol Can Keep You Awake

Alcohol prior bedtime keeps you awake for access time and also makes you feel drowsy in the mornings.  So during those mandatory summer parties, learn how to balance self-care and also have fun in social activities. Give your body some time unwind and relax for a suitable amount of time.


 8. Less Noise = Good Sleep

Noise makes it harder to sleep not just in summers but in all seasons. You can try some solutions like insulating walls, to block out unwanted noise or place good blockers like pillows.  You can also try rearranging the furniture or activities like meditation and visualization. Exercises like meditation can also work wonders and give you good sleep.


Apart from all these summers sleeping problems, creating a luxurious environment in your bedroom always goes a long way to give you amazing sleep. If you wish to make your bedroom feel as luxurious as a 5-star hotel, then take a look at Waikite's collection.

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