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What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Bedroom Carpet

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A plush and soft carpet is a wonderful thing for a bedroom. It’s also a practical choice which adds warmth and attractive look to a room. Mainly, a carpet is all about relaxation and soothing feel.  But there is something which you must keep in mind before buying one...

Take a look at these things before getting a carpet for your bedroom!


1. Know why you need a carpet for your bedroom.

A bedroom is the safest place for most of us. It is a place where you can escape and rest yourselves after a long, tiring day. A carpet in the bedroom makes the room more cosy, warm and luxurious. It adds a softness to the otherwise hard floor. Also, the carpets will add a sophisticated feel to your bedroom and suit well with the tastefully selected bedding and furniture.  


2. Make appropriate color choices. 

As recent trends, the darker tones tend to dominate the carpet choices. But you need not always follow the common trends while choosing a colour for your bedroom carpet. You can choose a light color to maintain a monochrome in your room or also a bright colour like purple or maroon to add a vibrant vibe in your bedroom. After all, your bedroom is your happy place, and you got to decorate as you want!


3. Consider the design and then select the color.

Colour is the most important thing while choosing a carpet for your bedroom. It should be linked with the color palette of the remaining room. You also need to match the textural element in the room.  So before you finalise your carpet, think about your wall color and finish, window treatments, furniture style, and even your bedding. You should also look at what feels you wish to want to create. and get a similar carpet fixed.


4. Consider the pile type. 

You should also consider which pile type suits your bedroom decor and decorating style. The Plush and twist styles will give you a more luxurious look and a very textured room scheme. Whereas a  loop-pile carpet can be used to add a casual vibe to your bedroom.


5. Consider pile height and density.

When choosing a carpet, pay attention to the pile height and density as well. This will help you add an amazing look, and feel to your bedroom.


6. Choose the materials with care.

There are several materials in a bedroom to choose from. It includes the wool, nylon, wool-nylon blends and more luxurious options like alpaca and wool-silk blends. If you are looking for softness, luxury and graceful ageing, then go for pure wool carpet. You can also choose the high-quality solution-dyed nylons which are cost-efficient, hard-wearing and stain-resistant than pure wool carpets.
However, for the best of both the worlds, you must consider a wool blend, which will give you the durability of synthetic material and also add a natural appeal of wool.


7. Choose the shading cleverly. 

If you have your heart set on a plush carpet, then also look at its shading feature. Plush carpets are created by cutting the loops and then shearing the tips of the fibers. This is why there appears to be a color difference in the carpet when you walk or vacuum over it. Plush carpets are generally best used in the master bedroom or other spaces. 


8. Do enough research. 

With so many options available in the bedroom carpets, choosing the right one can be a challenge. But there are a few things which you can do to make this process easier. It is a good idea to carry images of some carpets to the showroom. This makes your choice more precise and easier. 


This was everything you needed to know to begin your purchase of bedroom carpets! Now if you are looking for the beddings, then Waikite is the perfect place for that. Check out the collection of our luxury pillows and select the ones which best suit your bedroom!

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