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7 Amazing Design Tips For Your Micro Bedroom

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A small bedroom should not mean uncomfortable sleep. Did you know that even micro bedrooms can be made comfortable by using some smart ideas and techniques? Definitely! The key to doing this is to choose the right colors, patterns, and decor.

So if you wish to decorate your micro bedroom in an interesting manner to make it look spacious and comfortable, here are 7 smart ideas which you must know!


1. Choose the right color palette for your micro bedroom.

You may be a bit confused about choosing the right colors for your micro bedroom. Some believe that dark shades can make a room look less spacious, while others claim that color choices do not really matter. To deal with this confusion, you should use the colors which match with your emotions and complement well with space. You can also choose the coastal shades like ocean blue or sea green to make it look cooler. Also, use the colors which will look the room look calming and comfortable.


2. Add the magic of mirrors.

Do you know that a mirror can make your micro bedroom look spacious? The mirrors can help you in maximizing the reach of light in limited and small spaces. You can bring a floor-to-ceiling mirror, or place it behind any lamp or hang it on the shelf.

You can also hang a huge mirror behind your sofa bed or a double bed.  The mirror and the bed should have a similar width to make the bed more high up.


3. Use creative with storage.

Bulky and cluttered furniture can make any room look small regardless of size. So, it is a great idea to come up with novel ideas of designing creative and space saving storage. You can browse through the Pinterest for amazing ideas. You can also design some hidden chests under the staircases and on the floor. Also, one of the best tricks is to get mounted and floating shelves on our walls.


4. Make a cozy, floor-lounging room.

Living in a micro home does not mean that you cannot create a cozy place. You can transform your small bedroom into an amazing space by bringing in floor lounging décor.

Consider installing wood flooring, or a rich-material carpeting and some large, comfortable pillows and cushions. Also, add some stylish ottomans and low stools for making the extra seating.


5. Use a lot of space-saving decors.

Multifunctional furniture is a great way of making the small bedrooms look out of the box.  Some of the popular pieces include convertible chair beds or sofa beds, coffee tables with magazine or bookshelves, and mirrors that house spacious shelves.

You can visit shops or appoint a furniture maker to build space-saving furniture which suits your micro bedroom.


6. Add some greens in the room.

In order to make your micro bedroom look bigger and brighter, you can add a variety of plants and hanging pots. You can also install a vertical garden and plant some low-maintenance plants like aloe vera, pothos, spider plant, and also orchids. You can also opt for hanging terracotta and designed pots.

You can also buy a small coffee table and a chair from an antique shop to enhance the look.


7. Say no to unnecessary stuff and add luxurious decor.

You may also feel that micro bedrooms can be clumsy, but still, if you take some simple steps, a micro bedroom can also turn to be a beautiful space, For this, you can say goodbye to the old furniture and bring in new space saving the furniture. Also, remember that you must not compromise on the bedding and the quality of bedding that you use. You can bring in some new and luxurious bedding like mattress, pillows, and quilts which will not only make your room look amazing but will also give you quality sleep and an exquisite feel while sleeping in your cozy nest.


If you are looking for some luxury bedding to decorate your micro bedroom, then you are in the right place. Waikite is where you can get premium pillows and beddings for your micro bedroom. These pillows are antibacterial, cooling and help you in maintaining a perfect posture for a good night sleep. With these pillows, you will surely sleep in peace and wake up with a smile!

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