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6 Types Of Pillows For Body Pain Relief

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According to a study,  insufficient sleep is a serious health problem which occurs in many people. About 50 – 70 million adults suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Those are some shocking numbers, and it is evident that insufficient sleep has a very negative impact on a person’s life. 

It is a reason behind poor concentration, depression, decreased energy, poor work performance, and body pain. But you can take some simple steps to prevent body pain; changing your pillow is one among them! 

Here are some pillows which you must try!


1. Anti-Aching Pillows

In several cases, people tend to face difficulty in getting enough sleep due to physical aches and pains. But the good news is that your sleep quality can be improved if you buy higher-quality bedding and pillows which are designed specifically to relieve the pressure from your body and to increase comfort during sleep.  Choose the anti-aching pillows which provide extra plush support to your spine and keeps your posture upright and in such a way that you won't have any body pains when you wake up. 


2. Contour Pillows

Contour pillows are designed in such a way that they maintain a basic contoured shape to offer proper support to your neck. Many regular pillows are many times too spongy, or too hard to provide the neck with the support that it needs. As a result, your neck can become sore at the night and the muscles in that area can be strained. Also, if a person sleeps on a pillow which does not properly support the neck, then they could develop chronic headaches which cannot be relieved till their neck is neatly supported with a contoured pillow at sleep time.


3. Pillows for Different Shoulder Sizes

Contoured pillows with different sizes come with a larger supportive hump on one side and a smaller supportive hump on the other. Through this pillow, you can make sure that the pillow fits comfortably to individuals with either small shoulders or broad shoulders. So if you have a long neck, then you should choose a contoured pillow which has a contoured hump on the side. Through this, you can ensure that your head does not come in contact with a hump on another side of the pillow due to the long length of their neck. 


4. Body Pillows for Full Support

Body pillows are designed to give full support to the entire body instead of just providing support to the head and neck. Body pillows have a long and gently rounded shape, which allows the user to keep one leg of the pillow between two legs. With this position, you can relieve tensions from the hips and knees. Also, this is one of the most comfortable positions for pregnant women. 


5. Heat Lupin Pillows

A heat lupin pillows are basically designed to use in order to relieve stress from the specific aching areas of your body. Moreover, the heat pillows can be placed across your shoulders covered over your aching back, or placed on your abdomen to heal stomach cramps during nighttime.


6. Quad Cushions 

Some individuals sleep straight, and thus need complete support to their back, hip, or knees. So if you are the one who prefers to sleep on the back, then you can use the quad cushion pillow which can be placed under the knees. This pillow provides just complete support to the knee area and relieves pressure from the back in order to maximize comfort. 

If you are currently suffering from poor sleep due to physical discomfort, then try to change your bedding and opt for the one which is more relaxing and soothing!

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