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10 Colors To Make Your Bedrooms Beautiful

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Bedrooms are the happy places in every home. They are the cozy corners which make you feel relaxed after a long day of work. Obviously, you want to make that room look flawless.

Here we have brought together some amazing color schemes to make your bedrooms beautiful!


1. Magical Turquoise

Not only do the bright turquoise add brightness to the room, but it also adds an oceanic freshness to your bedroom. You can use interesting patterned pillows to make it feel extra fun. Also, a large-sized window and white bedding will help to keep the room to feel light & airy.


2. Sophisticated Black

Almost no one thinks about using black in the bedroom. Some might also feel black as scary, but it looks amazingly sophisticated in a bedroom. If you do not want to let it feel too dark, then you can use white bedding and make sure that you get enough natural light in the room through the windows.


3. Lovely Pink

You can use wallpapers with shades of bright pink, reds, and oranges and give an amazing boho look to your bedroom. Especially if you have an octagonally shaped bedroom, then this is a perfect idea for you. As a perfect pairing, you can use accents like pillows, bedding, and rug and carry the color scheme throughout the room.


4. Soothing Blue

Blue is one of the most relaxing and soothing colors and is perfect for a bedroom. Your bedroom looks dreamy and extremely beautiful with this color scheme in place. you can spread the which is part of why this aqua bedroom is so dreamy. The roman blue shade and matching bed cushion to add some pattern and create a dimension to the room.


5. Fancy Peach

Peach is a cute color and especially suitable for a bedroom with kids. Your little ones will love to wake up to this fresh, charming colored room. You can use contrast bedding and draperies to ascent the peach tone of the walls. 


6. Charming Yellow

 If you wish to bring the morning freshness to the room, then go for the bright yellow color for the walls. You can pair it with red and orange bedding to add extra pattern and brightness to the bedroom.


7. Pretty Lilac

This is a color which has a feminine vibe and can also suit in a couple bedroom. If not solid colors, you can use the wallpapers with lilac patterns and designs paired with white or pink beddings. This color can bring the best of your room in any season and weather.


8. Aquatic Sea Green

Are you the one who wants to try something offbeat? then go for the sea green color on your walls, Though this color can be combined with a limited number of colors, still, it is the best for the ones who love to experiment with different looks. 


9. Glamorous Grey

Do you feel that grey is a dull color? well, its time to change the perception then! You can pair this color with a number of bright colors like navy blue, yellow, purple or the all-time favorite black! You can also use the classy white beddings to go with the grey shade of the walls. It is the best to keep a lot of natural light flow and out to avoid dullness in the room. 


10. Neutral Beige

If you wish to have complete freedom for using colors in the furnishing, bedding and decor; then it is best to keep the walls neutral toned. For this, you can use the classic beige tone and pair it up with any color or patterns of your choice. 


You may color your rooms in any tone, but you need amazing beddings to enhance the look and feel of the room. At Waikite, we offer a range of luxury pillows and beddings. Bring these amazing pillows home and experience a magical feel of comfort and luxury in your bedroom! 

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