Bedding Tips For A Beautiful And Cozy Bed

Bedding Tips For A Beautiful And Cozy Bed
Everyone wants their beds and bedrooms to be cozy and lively. Simply because they are the places where one can escape from all the difficulties, be at peace and enjoy their favorite ‘me time’ or take a refreshing nap.
Actually, we spend our most valuable time in our bedrooms but overlook these spaces and instead focus more on the living areas of our homes. But we all need to have a beautiful and cozy bedroom to escape! To create cozy bedroom is not a difficult task, it is actually very easy! You just need to know some basics and bingo!
To help you out, here are some essential bedding tips for a beautiful and cozy bed

1. Do not only focus on the thread count. 

There is a range of hyping sheets and duvets which have a high thread count but a very poor fabric quality. So break this cliche to prefer a bedding accessory only with higher thread count, then look for fine cotton sheets, with softer threads which will hold up wash after wash and also give an amazing look to your bedroom.

2. Remember that even top quality never lasts. 

You will have a great bedroom if you follow some replacement rules. Even though you bring in the best mattresses, they will last up to 10 years; so swap them out sooner if do not wish to wake up with a sore body and pain in the back.   Replace your pillows once in the year and if you are waking up with a neck pain, then fold your pillow into half and then use it to avoid all the pain. However, duvet inserts can be kept for some more times, but if they are lumpy or misshapen then its time to donate them, replace them or reuse them in some other way. but definitely not in your bedroom!

3. Mix, don’t match.

Pick a beautiful quilt, a luxurious duvet set or a printed sheet set which has a lot of possibilities of pairing and matching things with one another.  This will allow you to change the look of your bedroom simply by switching the accessories. Once you have your color palette decided, it is easier for you to to mix patterns and give it a more sophisticated look.

4. Layer, layer, layer!!

This is important if you are finding it difficult to stay warm and comfortable in your bedroom at the chilly nights.  You can use amazing thin or thick layers with awesome colors and give your bedroom a pretty look. Layers will also enhance the quality of sleep and the overall look of your bedroom. However in the warmer months, you need to take away the layers and go for some flowy and thin beddings to avoid the buly and bulgy look in your bedroom.


5. Add the perfect sheets. 

Of course! Bedrooms are incomplete without pretty sheets, having attractive prints and catchy colors. You surely need to experiment with a lot of styles, fabrics, colors, patterns and tucking methods to give your sheets the expected look. You can decide one color palette and stick to the permutation and combinations of the same to maintain a symphony of colors and textures. Remember that they should not look too bright and also should not look too dull for your colour scheme.

6. Pump it up with pillows.

You are recommended to use the luxury pillows and match them with your bed sheet. You can layer the sleeping pillows in front. Also, add the colorful pillow covers to add to the luxury and enhance the look of your bedroom. You can also match your pillows and pillow covers with your quilt and pair it with the different patterns of the same color scheme.
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