Making your room luxury


Luxury Bed Pillows That You’ll Just Love.

Have you ever wondered why you get the best sleep in your stays at a hotel? Well, the reason is their quality of bedding arrangements. Waikite luxury pillows are made with allergen-free synthetic spiral fiber that has a great plush support that pleases all. These are anti-bacterial and provide maximum comfort which is suitable for all people. So bring home a Waikite pillow and be assured to get good sleep!

Luxury bed pillows for Home


Elizabeth R

Firmness and comfort are just a bonus. The most important thing to me is that throughout the night, i didn’t feel like the pillow was stuffy to lie on as with the other pillows i’ve tried. It’s cool and feels so good next to my skin.

Elizabeth R / Achnaclyth, United Kingdom
Dustin V

I am glad that Crystal incorporated the design that I have requested. As I have a very unique body mass, it is hard for me to find a suitable pillow. I gave up many years until Waikite. To be able to self-adjust the height of the pillow according to my body shape and sleeping preference just feels so good.

Dustin V / Cañete la Real Spain
 Lina Boo

The technology that comes with it is awesome. It makes me know that I am safe as the pillow I am lying every night is anti-bacterial. This is important as in super humid country like Singapore. The trust is the highest asset Waikite has. Lastly, I can also just wash the pillow directly. Super Convenient.

Lina Boo / Singapore
David W

The beauty of sleeping luxurious is found! Being one of the beta testers allows to believe that i can sleep like I was in the 5-stars hotel during my honeymoon. Life is amazing.

David W / Anchorage, USA